5 Hacks To Hide Your Smoke

Weedhorn reports:

Do you find yourself at a hotel with a need to hide your smoke? How about when you’re at home and the wife doesn’t like the smell. We’ve all been there in some situation where we needed to hide our smoke. Use these useful little life hacks to make smoking easier for you.

1. The Rolled Up Towel

Grab a towel and roll it up like a joint and line the bottom of your door to keep smoke from flowing out of the room. This also turns your room into a hotbox session.

2. Incense

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Sure, this will let your friends know you’re in tune with your hippie side, but hey at least your place smells great! Incense is a great way to hide smoke especially when living in places like apartments.

3. The Dryer Sheet Tube

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This is a great one to use when in places like hotels where smoking is usually prohibited. The dryer sheet acts as a filter for your smoke leaving behind a fresh fragrance. Another tip for hotelsโ€”use a shower cap to put over the smoke detector and use a rubber band to secure it. You can thank Snoop Dogg for that one!

4. Steam Session

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Hotbox your bathroom with this one. Remember to also towel your door. Start the shower and crank up the heat a bit. The steam serves as a perfect cover up for the smoke. Maybe use some air freshener afterwards if the smell lingers in the bathroom.

5. PVC Pipe

I’m sure most you guys have some pvc pipes laying around your man cave. If not, head on down to your local hardware store and grab a few feet. Keep one end out a slightly open window and use the other end to exhale your smoke through. This method keeps the smoke out of your house. After your session you can also use these for light saber matches with your friends. Happy Toking!

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