Employment opportunities abound in the green rush. If you feel that you need a career change, we’ve put together a list of 10 jobs in the marijuana industry that might be just the ticket.

1. Strain Reviewer

If you want to be a pot reviewer you can. Check out this ad in The Cannabist about writing 300-600 word reviews of pot strains! In the ad they say you don’t even need to send them a resume, but anyway, if you find a job like this please post it below in the comments section because me and everyone else wants to apply too.

2. Security

Most security jobs require you to be a big, bad looking dude who knows karate, but nowadays these jobs basically require checking IDs and making sure everything is going smoothly in the front part of the dispensary.

3. Pot Tourism

Did you know Rick Steves who hosts “Rick Steves Europe” on PBS smokes the ganj? Now you can be like him and plan pot “vakays” for people who want to get stoned while they see the sites. From bus tours where you can smoke up, to spa days where you can smoke up, to cannabis cooking classes where you can be a cannabis eater; the sky is the limit for all the activities that can be planned around this type of tourism.

Get your resume together and apply today for an exciting career babysitting vacationers stoned off their a**!

4. Administration

Not all pot jobs are glamorous. Do you have a degree in accounting? Have you answered phones before? Have you ever checked in patients for forty hours a week? Shipping, production and delivery jobs are also available.

5. Budtender

Got a knack for retail? Know a lot about pot and wouldn’t mind learning even more about strains, edibles and paraphernalia? Do you like the idea of being the face for your local dispensary? Then you are the perfect candidate for this service industry position.

6. Sales

Want to sell vapes, edibles, strains, clothing, and accessories for fat commissions? Contact your local pot company today and make it happen.

7. Make Edibles

You too can work in production making and packaging edibles to sell at dispensaries. Almost anything you can think of from chocolate to soda is being made for consumption and they need your help to prepare and package it all.

8. Concentrates Specialist

Are you knowledgeable about dabs, shatter, wax and oils? If you know a lot about chemistry and watch Bill Nye the Science Guy a lot then this is probably the job for you.

9. Glass

You can make the glass that people smoke in or just sell it as a merchant. If you’ve walked into any head shop before you know it can be a very creative field with designs that are just cra! Just so you know, it has been said blowing glass can takes minutes off your life, but we all gotta go some time don’t we?

10. Courier

Some medical marijuana patients can’t make it down to their local pot shop, so delivery is big business not to mention convenient! If you have experience riding a bicycle or delivering pizza this job is for you.