A fan of marijuana concentrate vaporizers and looking for the latest and greatest that is available out there right now? Check out this review of the very slick and powerful Shatterizer cannabis concentrate vaporizer. Shatterizer, who’s vape pens are famous worldwide among enthusiasts for their excellent delivery system for concentrates as well as for their aesthetically pleasing pen designs, are releasing a new line of vape pens that is taking these beloved features to a higher level than ever before.

By collecting, analyzing, and applying user feedback, Shatterizer has sought to improve upon their already impressive designs in order to create a new and improved style of vape pen. Available in both black and silver, their new pen is significantly more durable than previous designs while packing an even stronger punch. Be sure to follow the link below for the full review of the new Shatterizer concentrate vaporizers along with their different features and happy vaping!

What’s New and What’s a Knockout

The Shatterizer Concentrate VaporizerWhereas the original Shatterizer was made of glass and could thus threaten your sweet vaping vibes with the fear of breaking it, the new Black and Silver editions are identical in design and delivery, but they’re made of sturdy, durable aluminum. As a result, you can Shatterize yourself without fearing that your pen will shatter.

In addition, the new colors and sleek, shiny design look like something straight from the sci-fi visions the Shatterizer will inspire you to dream. Plus, the pen’s rubberized finish makes gripping a pleasure and yet another point of confidence.

Another kick up in quality comes by way of extra coil caps that up the airflow through the generously proportioned globe to maximize the concentrate consumption to levels that, frankly, blew us away.


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