With marijuana legalization continuing to spread around the country and the world, eyes have been opened to the myriad of cannabis based products aside from flower that can now be produced legally. One of the most interesting methods of consuming cannabis that has resulted from this is the use of tinctures.These unique medicines are made through a process called decarboxylation or “decarbing” for short, which dries and cures the marijuana plant using low heat over time. This process allows for the active compounds like THC, CBD and THCA to be more easily absorbed by the body and these compounds are then concentrated into a base which can be ingested or applied to the skin. Since the tinctures don’t need to be inhaled via smoking or vaporizing, they are perfect for those that want to avoid potentially harming their lungs or smelling like marijuana. Also, due to the precision available with regards to dosing and the chemical compound ratios, they serve their medicinal needs without actually getting you high.

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Wake Up: Herba Buena’s Rock n Roll
Quick Guide For A New Style Of Cannabis Tinctures
As the mellow, stoned-at-school mornings of your youth become the terrifying too-stoned-at-work mornings of adulthood, it becomes clear that waking and baking isn’t always the look. However, those struggling with anxiety or other ailments warranting morning medication may still need a little something, and for many, even the lowest edibles dose may still be too trippy.

Herba Buena’s Rock & Roll tincture supplies the perfect balance of energy and anxiety relief to help you have the most productive and stress-free day possible. Meticulously crafted to achieve the maximum effect at the lowest functional dose, each ½ dropper of this Emerald Cup winner contains 3mg of THC, enough to ease anxiety without making you stoned, in a blend of holy basil, gotu kola, flower, and gemstone essences, with an organic vegetable glycerin base.


A Guide to the Mood-Altering Tinctures of the Future – Health | MERRY JANE