Anyone new to using CBD or considering taking cannabidiol for any medical condition always has the same questions. How much CBD do I take? What’s the right CBD dosage for me?

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer. At most, we can recommend a starting point, but our clients will likely need to go through trial and error to find their right dosage.

Why Is It Hard To Find Clear Dosing Instructions for CBD?

Although more people around the world add CBD to their daily routines, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to CBD dosage. Three main factors contribute to the lack of clear dosing instructions for CBD.

Promising Yet Unofficial Medical Benefits

One major reason why it is difficult to find clear CBD dosing instructions is the uncertainty regarding CBD’s medical benefits.

We still do not know for certain whether CBD can treat different medical conditions. While animal and human studies may present promising benefits of CBD, there have yet to be any definitive results.

Moreover, we are still waiting for official guidelines and recommendations from regulatory bodies. CBD is not an FDA-approved medical treatment or supplement.

The FDA is still investigating uncertainties regarding CBD’s risks and benefits, especially as a drug treatment. Since there are no FDA guidelines for CBD dosing, it is best to err on the side of caution and start with a low CBD dose.

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Confusing Legality and Regulations

Another reason why there are no official CBD dosage recommendations is the lack of federal and state-based oversight.

The Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp and hemp-derived products, like CBD, when it became law in 2018. However, the legality of CBD only applies on the federal level.

State governments still have the power to implement stricter regulations or declare CBD illegal within their jurisdictions.

We recommend avoiding Iowa and Idaho if you are traveling with CBD products. It does not matter if you only have keto CBD gummies, all forms of CBD and hemp products are illegal in those two states.

No oversight for the CBD industry and no FDA approval means CBD companies cannot make any medical claims or concrete dosing recommendations without having potential issues with the law.

The Human Body and the ECS

Another factor that makes it difficult to determine CBD dosage is how CBD interacts with our bodies.

When ingested, CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our body’s ECS has receptors all over the body to regulate various bodily functions, like sleep cycle, anxiety response, and pain sensation.

Instead of binding directly to the ECS receptors, CBD can stimulate them and change how they interact with other cannabinoids. As we grow older and lose active ECS receptors, the effects of CBD on our body may change. Changes in our metabolism may also affect CBD’s effectiveness.

Thus, a CBD dosage that works well for a younger person may not work well for someone much older, even if they have the same illness or condition.

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Figuring Out Where To Start

Most CBD users find the right dosage for themselves through experimentation. Looking at forums and customer reviews is a good place to start.

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A quick look at our Sugar and Kush reviews page shows how people take different doses of CBD but observe positive results.

One person took half a dropper of flavored CBD oil every morning then increasing their dosage to a full dropper later on. In contrast, another reviewer started taking vanilla CBD oil daily but later decreased their intake to once or twice a week.

Still, both reviewers reported positive effects of CBD oil for their anxiety problems. 

Another rule that we and many experienced users recommend following is to start with a low CBD dose. It is better to crawl before you walk or run. Don’t take large doses just because our cotton candy CBD oil or strawberry CBD oil tastes amazing.

Although no one has ever died of a CBD overdose, it is better to take it in moderation due to potential side effects.

If you’re having difficulty measuring your daily dose of CBD oil with a dropper, you can opt for gummies. CBD edibles, like our Sugar and Kush CBD gummies, have a set amount of CBD per piece. This makes it easier for new users to observe and adjust their CBD intake as needed.

When you first take CBD, observe how your body reacts to the product. If there are no serious side effects, you can slowly increase the dosage as needed. Like other medications, a more severe condition may require a higher dosage. 

Last Advice on CBD Dosage

You can also consult a healthcare worker familiar with CBD intake to get their professional opinion. Make sure to do your due diligence about the brand you are buying your CBD from, too.

Finding the right CBD dosage involves a lot of searching through the internet for in-depth guidance. It is better to do your reading and look at what different sources have to say to find the right CBD dosage for you.