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How Does a Cannabis Vaporizer Work?

Cannabis vaporizers provide a way to heat cannabis without burning the product and avoiding harmful byproducts. Read on to learn about the different types of cannabis vaporizers.

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Social Equity Should Be a Priority in Canna-Biz

It is critical to look at the people and communities negatively affected by past legislation and stigma surrounding cannabis.

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Will Colombia’s Govt Allow the Export of Canna Flower?

As the global demand for cannabis products increase, all eyes are on Columbia’s potential to export the cannabis flower.

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What To Expect at a Cannabis Convention

With an ever-changing legal landscape, cannabis conventions allow a place for business owners and industry professionals to learn about the industry, its processes and its struggles.

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Cannabis Terpenes Could Lessen Our Dependence on Big Pharma

Every part of the cannabis plant has been used for centuries to treat a wide variety of ailments, and terpenes can be as beneficial, if not more so, than some of their Big Pharma counterparts.

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How To Get Hired in the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis-related job opportunities are increasing and it's important to consider everything that recruiters may look for in potential teammates.