Chronic pain management is one of the many challenges that nearly 100 million Americans are currently facing. Chronic pain is also one of the most common reasons why people have been turning to medical cannabis for treatment. From cannabis flower, infused gum, and topical balms, most folks that are seeking out medical cannabis are doing so because they view it as a much safer alternative to the opioid pain medications that would normally be used to keep their chronic pain at bay.

One of the main issues with successfully treating chronic pain is the fact pain does not have one direct root and is often difficult to treat appropriately due to its complexity, that for specific pains there is no effective medicine. Cannabis use has been associated with chronic pain relief for as long as humans discovered its properties but has since been replaced in North America by pharmaceutical drugs due to its status as a Schedule 1 substance.

Unfortunately, the U.S.’s current laws and policies regarding cannabis have made it difficult for researchers to adequately study the many effects of marijuana including its effectiveness for treating chronic pain. Currently doctors tend to prescribe opiate based pain medications which seldom work in the long term and can often lead to addiction issues for those individuals.

In order to help out folks that may be considering turning to cannabis for pain relief, we’ve put together a list of strains that are particularly good at staving off pain.

White Widow

The Best Cannabis Strains For Pain ReliefA perfectly balanced hybrid born from the South American sativa and South Indian indica strains. Notorious for its energy and euphoric qualities, some consider it to be superb medicine for those struggling with depression as well as excellent pain relief. It is also known for treating stress, depression and lack of appetite without the usual feelings of paranoia that can often accompany energetic strains.

Blue Dream

The Best Cannabis Strains For Pain ReliefBlue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid that can be found in most dispensaries. It offers a mild euphoria and a strong feeling of relaxation. Some even consider it to be the “go to” strain for newbies due to its relatively minor overall effects. It is also very well known among enthusiasts for its significant pain relieving qualities.

Lemon Skunk

The Best Cannabis Strains For Pain ReliefLemon Skunk is a hybrid strain with light, dense, intensely green nugs and its fair share of hairs. It is said to provide an energizing high that’s perfect for the daytime and does provide relief from pain, albeit somewhat minor when compared to similar strains.

Acapulco Gold

The Best Cannabis Strains For Pain ReliefA sativa strain so universally popular that it’s name is almost synonymous with pure happiness, this particular bud goes back a long way. Known for providing a strong, focused, creative and energizing high as well as for pain relief, it is perfect for those suffering from depression and chronic pain. Also, despite its significant potency, the high is very clear headed allowing you to channel your newfound energy as opposed to leaving you feeling scatter brained and all over the place.

Jack Herer

The Best Cannabis Strains For Pain ReliefThe famous Jack Herer is a powerful sativa dominant strain that is perfect for those seeking mental stimulation without losing out on focus. Despite its higher than usual THC content, it is still a good choice for new enthusiasts and will help to ease pain while providing you with all of the usual benefits of a sativa strain.

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Have you used cannabis to treat pain before? Do you have any strains that you would add?