Genetics play a huge role in determining the quality of a seed and the plant it will ultimately turn into. 

Advancements in the cannabis industry have made it so that crops are higher in quality than ever before and ensure they can be grown to reproduce desired effects before the seed even begins to sprout. 

Home growers and large industrialized hemp manufacturers all understand the importance of having superior seeds to produce superior plants. They’re easy to tell the difference from unhealthy seeds. 

A beautiful little hemp seed looks fat and has dark lines and spots on it similar to those of a Bengal cat. An unhealthy seed looks pale, skinny, and has obvious edges and points that signify being dehydrated and unlikely to germinate. Growing can be very rewarding when you start out with quality seeds and know a little about what you’re getting into. 

What Is the Best Hemp Seed to Buy?

Auto-flowering varieties are the best since they very quickly produce flowers without having to adjust cumbersome lighting systems with indoor grows. They’re also small and perfect for apartments or limited-space grows. 

The specific strain and the effects are up to you, but there are other factors to consider. One World Pharma reports on their website that, “According to High Grade Hemp Seed, these are key factors that an industrial hemp investor should look into when purchasing hemp seeds. Of course, there is always a buzz going around with the latest trend with pseudoscience backing these claims, but it is imperative to stick to the research that has been conducted carefully over the past years. If you don’t, you may end up with a vogue crop that fails you.”

They continue, “Hemp seed cultivation can be carefully conducted to produce stable and dependable genetics which is critical in the hemp industry’s success. By producing reliable and consistent strains that the consumer can comfortably commit to, the industry can establish a good relationship with the customer and average consumer.”  Here are some key factors:

  • THC levels
  • Feminization rates
  • Robustness
  • Finishing speed
  • Terpene profile
  • Average CBD or CBG oil yield

How Do You Know a Hemp Seed Is Good?

One World Pharma also references and abides by the industry standards the company itself is setting. Its website says, “Hemp Benchmarks prophetically claims that seed labeling is crucial to finding the right hemp seed for your industrial crop. These labels include information pertaining to the seeds origin, the companies address, germination, test date, product name, and other important information.”

“Seed labeling is mostly done in good faith, though there are some labels that have been found to be falsified. There is a proper way to efficiently read a seed label and you can find the guideline here. 

It is a tedious process to pick out which hemp seed is right from your crop. By paying close attention to its genetics and understanding what is implemented in the cultivation and breeding of a variety of seed, you can make the right decisions for growing a healthy, hardy hemp plant.” 

Indeed it can be a maddening process of evaluating each seed you find, as fewer and fewer seeds are allowed to even develop on many legal medicinal and recreational cannabis products from states that have allowed it. That’s why it’s easier to just buy a handful of seeds online. You’ll be able to pick exactly which strain you want; you’ll know the lineage and genetics from lab testing, and you’ll be able to get exactly what you’re looking for. 

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Just make sure the company you buy your seeds from is legit. Look on their website for customer reviews and check out their labeling to make sure the seeds are grown in the right conditions. Some areas of the world produce better seeds than others. Kind of like fine wines, you can choose your seeds by the region in which they’re grown. 

Can You Find Seeds Anywhere?

Growers know that finding a seed in a dank nug is like finding the golden ticket, so there’s a price on those now as opposed to when finding seeds was a major bummer and felt like a shwag bag.  Those days are over, though, so if you want quality seeds and plants you can have them without sifting through sticky dispensary buds.

Give growing a go and test out your green thumb. There’s nothing better than getting your hands dirty and watching a little seed turn into a beautiful plant before harvesting its flowers for a later day.