Hemp, Inc. (OTC:HEMP) was just awarded the ‘Best Hemp Company’ of 2018 by Cashinbis. The awards are relatively new but list off some of the top companies in the cannabis industry and it is certainly good for promotional purposes to receive such an award.

Hemp, Inc. was incorporated in 2008 and produces all sorts of products made from hemp, a very versatile and strong textile. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recently put his support behind removing hemp from the controlled substance list and claims he will push a bill through congress to get it removed. Without federal prohibition on hemp, the manufacturing possibilities of the plant’s extraordinarily strong fibers seem endless, so finding solid companies in the industry may be a good idea for a long-term play.

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Along with the productions of hemp products, Hemp, Inc. also produces hemp based CBD products and has a news site that is fairly popular covering nearly everything cannabis. As you can see from above, the stock struggled earlier this year along with everything else, but has made it back above its 50 and 200 dma. All investors in the cannabis sector should wary of its volatility, but a person looking to take advantage of a potential jump in hemp’s popularity may want to look at Hemp, Inc..

“As we continue to position Hemp, Inc. on the forefront of America’s hemp revolution, we are honored to receive this award based on an outpouring of support from those who believe in our mission and work accomplished to date,” said Hemp, Inc. CEO Bruce Perlowin. “We look forward to achieving many more milestones in the year to come and continuing our work to provide opportunities for the small family farmer, Veterans, women, sustainable communities and others to flourish in the multi billion dollar hemp marketplace.”

In addition to being recognized as “Best Hemp Company” by Cashinbis as part of its Best of Cannabis Awards 2018, Hemp, Inc. was also one of the recipients to receive the First Annual Jack Herer Award in 2015 specifically for its technological advancement in the industrial hemp industry. “Bruce Perlowin’s vision and leadership continues to set the tone for the industrial hemp industry.  He was also very instrumental in the startup of Nevada’s hemp program,” said Michael Whalen, President and Founder of the Nevada Hemp Association.

As part of the Company’s ongoing expansion of its operations, Hemp, Inc. announced Jan. 4, 2018, that the Company was shipping its first purchase orders of loss-circulation material DrillWall™ and Kenaf fiber. On Jan. 25, 2018, the Company announced it had fulfilled its first purchase order for Spill-Be-Gone™, part of Hemp, Inc.’s spill-absorbent family of products.

Hemp was even used to build a plane recently with the capacity to seat five passengers including the pilot. The plane is entirely fueled off of hemp oil as well. Not to say that all planes will be made from hemp in the future but it certainly is an example of just how versatile the plant can be. You add that to how affordable it is to grow relative to other agricultural commodities and the opportunities seem endless.

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