A Canadian pet food company named Corey Nutrition is looking to get into the growing marijuana industry by making plans to launch a line of cannabis-infused dog food. While the cannabis plant has shown to be toxic to most animals, there are experts that have found in their research that its cannabinoids like cannabidiol (or CBD) can also be used to successfully treat our pets for a number of different conditions. Recent studies have also shown that a growing number of pet owners have started using CBD to treat their pets’ epilepsy/seizure disorders, cancer, arthritis, and behavioral issues like anxiety.

Corey Nutrition’s VP of research and development, Emily Corey, has stated that their new line of dog food not contain any THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis that gets you high. She was quoted as saying that: “We intend to not use any product that contains THC and have it all be CBD, which is the part that won’t get the animal high.” Corey went on to assert anecdotally that her dog personally benefits from CBD for treating his anxiety stating that “I’ve got a dog who is highly anxious in certain situations … things like certain floors he’s not OK with, thunder [and] lightning can be a problem for him…This is one way that we see using a natural remedy for medicinal purposes to help with such things.”

Cannabis-Infused Dog Food, Corey Nutrition, CBD products, cannabis newsGiving pets CBD infused products occasionally as a health supplement can help ease pain due to arthritis, seizures or even hip dysplasia for larger animals. The CBD can also be used as a sedative for our more excitable furry friends during long trips or rides to the dreaded vet. Since CBD is a natural and non-psychoactive substance many cannabis legalization proponents view using it as an excellent alternative to other medications that can come with significant side effects and because pet owners don’t have to worry about precise dosages.

According to Corey, their new cannabis product is a huge investment on the part of the company as they will have to construct a new plant specifically to produce and store the dog food due to Canada’s regulations regarding marijuana and related products. “Cannabis is regulated by Health Canada, so we don’t want to risk any sort of cross-contamination,” Corey said when asked about the need for the new facility. “We have very high quality standards … we take that very seriously, and we don’t want to risk any sort of cross-contamination or any issue there.”

While the company is still calculating the overall costs of their planned expansion, Corey is optimistic that their new venture into the cannabis market will help offset the investment’s costs. Corey also said that they are looking at the U.S. markets but this will be a significantly more complicated venture on a number of different fronts. Corey Nutrition is hoping to stock shelves full of their cannabis-infused dog food by next year.

Would you consider buying cannabis-infused dog/pet food for your pets if and when it becomes available in the U.S.?