We caught up with Eric Knight from Renewsha, a new company that has created a dissolvable tablet that could have many applications in the cannabis space. Delivery methods for cannabis are becoming more important as we gain a better understanding of medical marijuana and the conditions it can treat.

Find out more about Renewsha at https://www.renewsha.com/


Hey everybody, it’s Richard Lowe with The National Marijuana News here at the CWCBExpo in the Javits Center in New York. I’m joined by Eric Knight, the Chief Operating Officer of Renewsha, thank you for joining us.

Yeah, thanks for having me.

As I understand it you introduced BruceLinton (CEO of Canopy Growth Corporation) today.

Yep, it was a very exciting conversation with Bruce, he’s certainly a trailblazer in the industry and we had some really interesting things to discuss today with the current and future state of the industry. I think Renewsha is very aligned with a lot of what Canopy and Bruce were talking about today.

Tell us about Renewsha, what is your company all about?

We are a proprietary technology platform that is really, it’s more of a platform than it is a product. It’s an orally dissolvable tablet formulation so there is a lot of benefits and unique offerings that it has in terms of its rapid absorption, its efficacy and we are super excited about it because it’s something that will fit with all phytocannabinoids. So, today we made an announcement that we signed a letter of intent for a global exclusive agreement with SPI Pharma. They are the global leader in excipient deliverable technologies and so Renewsha is really based on that collaboration with SPI Pharma. So, today was kind of our coming out party and we are super excited about it. We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback so far and we will see what happens. But, Renewsha is one product of many that we will be releasing through our parent company, Anewsha Holding Group, in the months to come.

Fantastic, so we are at the CWCBExpo, what’s brought you to this expo? Why are you launching here at the CWCB?

Well, I mean it’s New York City so it’s the epicenter of a lot of things, culturally and business, finance. CWCBE is certainly the gold standard of cannabis conferences and B2B activity. It didn’t hurt that Bruce was going to be here and we got a chance to meet with him and hear him talk about where the industry is going. It’s super exciting, so it seemed a perfect platform. I hadn’t been to New York in a while, I am based out on the west coast in Southern California so that was part of it.

So, if everybody wants to find out more about Renewsha, what’s the best way for them to get some information?

You can go to our website, www.Renewsha.com. You can get a little more information there and we are happy to take any requests from consumers or wholesalers. Again, this is a brand new product, it’s just hit the market and I think people are going to be really excited about it.
Sounds like it, again this is Richard Lowe with The National Marijuana News joined by Eric Knight of Renewsha. Thank you so much for joining us.

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Thanks Richard for having me.

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