Cosmetics are a huge industry throughout the world for both medical and superficial reasons. Dermatology is a serious science and high definition has made everyone more insecure than ever. There are so many skincare and cosmetic products out there that consumers are confused by what they need and certainly botox and plastic surgery procedures are far from perfect. Maybe the missing ingredient has always been marijuana.

Cosmetic companies are chomping at the bit to offer more cannabis based cosmetic products, but the federal illegal status of marijuana prevents them from basically putting CBD and THC into all of their products. If the government loosened up their grip on marijuana, cannabis might revolutionize the entirety of the cosmetic industry.

When Lord Jones first got into topicals, they produced a body lotion that had a combination of THC and CBD that could be sold only in medical marijuana dispensaries. Last year they launched a CBD-rich body lotion derived from industrial hemp, hailed by celebrities like Olivia Wilde and Mandy Moore and sold nationwide in specialty shops and via their website. “We were skeptical at first if a hemp-derived CBD extract would be effective without the THC,” says Capobianco. “We are the best guinea pigs we know and we found that it [CBD extract] really worked for our own injuries so we came out with our CBD-only lotion.”

Though marketed to ease sore muscles, Capobianco found that customers were applying the organic cream to rashes, dry patches, prior to Botox to prevent swelling and bruising, and to treat other skin ailments. “We call it grandmother research – documenting our customers’ experience to learn the various benefits.”

Though Capobianco pokes fun at her “grandmother” research, due to current federal regulations she doesn’t have much of a choice, and neither do the top researchers in our country. Robert Dellavalle, M.D., Ph.D., MSPH, Professor of Dermatology and Public Health at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and the Colorado School of Public Health was one of the authors of an April 2017 Journal of the American Academy Dermatology paper, a survey of all the literature on the potential for cannabinoids on humans and animals titled “The role of cannabinoids in dermatology.”

A lot of the marijuana cosmetic products offered today have hemp-based CBD in them and the quality and quantity of the CBD  is not that closely paid attention to. Have you ever tried a CBD cosmetic product and felt like you really could not see the difference?

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