Many Consumers are Disgusted by Dispensary Marketing

A lot of people may feel like marijuana sells itself and any sort of dispensary advertising is unnecessary since the demand for the commodity is very strong. Consumers are bombarded with constant advertising and the younger generations, which represent a large portion of the marijuana legalization movement, are particularly disgusted by marketing.

When the internet was first born it was seen as a pure place where people could communicate without corporate America tainting the message. Peopleย want to believe that they are not influenced by cannabis advertising, however the cannabis industry is not likely to take the chance of not committing to any sort of dispensary marketing considering the competition is already pretty stiff.

According to oneย estimate, the business of marketing marijuana will grow to $75 million by 2021.

Those in favor of legalizing pot, however, appear to have some reservations about traditional advertising. In total, 49% think ads are a waste of time, compared to 44% of the US public. Furthermore, US adults who support legal marijuana are less likely to report that advertising helps them choose what they buy than the general American population.

So, whether a brand plans on selling weed-themed products or services, or the drug itself, to consumers who support the legalization of recreational marijuana, companies need to be careful how they use their ad dollars.

But avenues do exist: 70% of marijuana advocates, for instance, value the opinion of experts when choosing products, compared to 66% of all US adults. Theyโ€™re also slightly more likely to expect advertising to be entertaining and consider spending time interacting with a promotional stand or event.

Everyone knows that online marketing is not going anywhere, but the legal marijuana market is new and many consumers were hoping that the cannabis market would stay untainted by dispensary marketing for a while. Is part of the reason why the illegal marijuana market still has a real grip on the industry because some consumers simply do not want to look at the marketing associated with cannabis?

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