Finding financing in the cannabis industry is challenging. Whether you need funding for land, a grow operation, merchant services or nearly anything else to help further you legal cannabis company, companies like Harvest Brokers Group and Lilogy are your access points.

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Hey, this is Richard Lowe with The National Marijuana News back at the CWCB Expo here in New York.

I’m here at booth 420, the Lilogy booth with Pablo Roskell, thank you for joining me, and Darren Kapahi, thanks so much. So, tell a little about Lilogy and what you do.

Ok, so Lilogy and Harvest Brokering Group, our side company, we provide financing. We provide bank accounts and we provide merchant processing for any sort of cannabis, hemp and CBD related business.

Fantastic, so we are at the CWCB Expo, what’s you really brought you here, to this expo?

Well, I mean why not be here, it’s New York. There is a lot of business here, there is a lot of people that want to invest money and they need a conduit to do it. And, that’s why we are here.

So, financing, if people are interested in getting more information about getting financing through you guys what’s the best way for them to get some information about your company?

Just hit us up, or for all of your money needs, Any social media handles? Yeah, we have @HarvestBrokersGroup on Instagram and we also have @LilogyGroup as well.

That’s fantastic. So again, this is Richard Lowe at The National Marijuana News with the team from Lilogy. Thanks so much guys.

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