Colorado Drug Use Statistics and Going to Work High

The country continues to look towards Colorado drug use statistics concerning marijuana since data goes back to 2014. Marijuana legalization opponents are trying to find statistics that show that adult-use cannabis is to the detriment of the people, and proponents are looking for vindication and further support to push national legalization.

Statistics out of Colorado are kind of all over the place though and may not be indicative of other states. Some of the most recent polls show that less than 20% of Colorado adults actually consume cannabis but that 39% of marijuana consumers have gone to work high.

While the 39 percent figure may seem high, it’s actually lower than the digits gathered by the Colorado Department of Transportation in 2016 on a similar subject. According to CDOT, 55 percent of those quizzed by the department felt it was safe to drive after smoking marijuana. But like the Instamotor report, the CDOT survey wasn’t scientific in nature.

The same can be said of the newest Instamotor salvo, conducted on January 25, 2017, using a platform called Pollfish. The survey was conducted on January 25, 2017, in states where recreational marijuana is legal. Of the 600 marijuana users who took part, 48 percent of them said they have gone to work high. Within that portion of the survey group, 39 percent said they did so at least once per week, 17 percent at least once per month and 28 percent several times per year, leaving 18 percent who insisted that the last time they were less than sober while working happened more than twelve months before.

Contrary to popular belief, not every Coloradan smokes pot. According to a survey cited in a 2016 report by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, approximately 13 percent of Colorado adults age eighteen and up said they’d used marijuana in the previous month. Another study cited in the document put that number closer to 17 percent.

It is important that studies on marijuana use are reliable so that analysts can see consistency and provide thoughtful data to the decision makers. Is going to work high on cannabis alright for certain jobs and not for others?

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