SUNRISE, FL – The Department of Veterans Affairs in Florida has just accepted their first veteran with a FL state medical cannabis card into the PTSD therapy clinic, and whether it’s flower isn’t important to the Feds, and actually medically accepted at the federal level even though flower is illegal in FL. Jonathan Fruchter has been a resident of Broward County since 1997 and has finally moved home in seek of the care that he deserves.

This is something that the PTSD clinics statewide have been vehemently opposed to because of the fear of somehow breaking federal law. This is not the case, nor has it been since the 1st directive from the VA stating that a veteran cannot be denied treatment or care, solely because of his/her participation in their state’s medical cannabis program. In addition, the VA may not interfere with that veteran’s participation. The new Directive came out 12/8/2017, #1315. This is a huge contrast to the sunshine state’s VA system’s previous approach toward the federally illegal substance, that is now being medically accepted on the federal level, whether or not it’s illegal.

The government shall not interfere with the patient-centered care mission of the nationwide VA system, nor disrupt in any way the sacred Dr/Patient relationship. Jonathan was previously successful at having the PTSD inpatient unit at the Lyons Campus VA in New Jersey accept his cannabis use, and allow him to sign out freely to consume his medicine right on the other side of the gate that surrounds the entire VA, just staring in confused as to what in the heck will light a fire under the federal government’s butt in order to get their cannabis game together and make money off it through the medicare system, just like the current system.

Whether or not the federal government legalizes cannabis for medicinal and/or recreational use in the future, the U.S. Constitution guarantees the power of states’ rights. There is no clean division of the federal and state governments as written in the document, and since there is no federal law on how the feds should specifically deal with each state’s cannabis program and the way they prescribe medical cannabis to their respective patients in each state, then by default, just as it happened on December 21, 2017 at 3:30 p.m. when he received a scheduling call to finally schedule him for his intake for his ptsd therapy clinic appointment with professionals licensed by the State of Florida, those matters should be left to the states individually. He has a 3-hour appointment scheduled for January 10, 2018.