Cannabis is Officially an Essential Business

COVID-19 has taken over the United States with more than 300,106 known cases and over 8,100 deaths making us the worldwide leader of coronavirus cases. Many officials and legislators are attempting to flatten the curve by putting into effect closures of non-essential businesses and demanding that citizens stay home to help minimize the spread of infections. 

The coronavirus has made cannabis dispensaries, marijuana cultivators and pot shops essential.
A lockdown in order for most states have helped the legal marijuana business, but is it bad to smoke weed in the age of Coronavirus?

Many industries are struggling with new guidelines and rules they have to follow, including of course the cannabis industry.

In many of the states that are enforcing a non-essential lock down, cannabis businesses have been deemed essential allowing them to keep operating as long as they follow social distancing rules.

Cannabis Dispensaries in Nevada are only allowing deliveries right now to prevent large groups of people gathering in storefronts. Other states are doing curbside delivery or only allowing less than 10 people into a store at once.

Read the Official Nevada Health Response to COVID-19

However, these limitations are not stopping cannabis buyers by any means in fact, most stores are struggling to keep up with the demand. Not only dispensaries; both production and cultivation facilities are operating as well.

With all that being said you have to ask the question:

Should I quit smoking weed because of the whether or not I have tested positive for COVID-19?

Short Answer: If you have contracted the novel coronavirus, then it’s best not to put anything into your lungs when this virus specifically attacks the upper respiratory system. Keep reading to hear what the experts say.

Dr. Verbora Weighs In: Can Cannabis Help or Hurt COVID-19?

With lockdowns on the horizon, medical marijuana and recreational weed smokers fear they will run out of cannabis.
Marijuana lovers from all across the US lined up to buy their weed before COVID-19 forced them into isolation, but should you be smoking with a respiratory virus in the air?

It is no surprise to people involved in the cannabis industry that citizens of the US are flocking to dispensaries despite instructions to stay home. Cannabis is medicinal for many people, and we are learning that recreational users would prefer to be high if they’re going to be forced to stay home. It will probably make staying at home just a little bit better. 

Some may say smoking cannabis isn’t the best choice of medicine because COVID-19 is a respiratory infection. People are quick to jump to the assumption that smoking is probably not good for the virus infection and honestly they may not be wrong.

According to Dr. Michael Verbora and first reported by Green Flower, the true answer to this question is unknown. “There is no evidence that using cannabis can help or harm the coronavirus and its effects on human health,” he says. And he knows his stuff. Dr. Verbora is an Assistant Professor at McMaster University and also Chief Medical Officer at Aleafia Health, a company that designs cannabis health and wellness products. He’s also a cannabinoid expert, who’s spoken on medical cannabis before the European Union Parliament. 

Yet, while unknown isn’t necessarily good nor bad, Verbora does urge caution with smoking. “Smoking,” he explains, “does cause airway irritation and is associated with increased risks of bronchitis.”

Bronchitis is a more common side effect of smoking cannabis and causes inflammation of the bodies airways. Cannabis smoke can cause irritation to the body but it is unclear whether smoking cannabis hurts or helps in regards to COVID-19.

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What the University of Miami’s Dr. Vidot Thinks

According to News@TheU a publication put out by The University of Miami, researchers there are also studying the effects of the coronavirus on medical marijuana users because a large portion of medicinal cannabis patients are people with compromised immune systems or other chronic medical conditions. 

Denise C. Vidot, an assistant professor in the School of Nursing and Health Studies and a trained epidemiologist said, “The global qualifying conditions for medical cannabis, though not uniform, all include individuals with compromised immune systems and other chronic health conditions. Therefore, this is a population that we cannot forget about in our joint effort to ‘flatten the curve.” 

Both Doctor’s Vidot and Verbora Agree that Cigarettes Are Bad

Cigarettes and Coronavirus are a bad combo.
While we can sanction a little weed, since it is essential, keep away from the cigarettes with their high chemical and tar content.

Smoking cigarettes on the other hand can be a real danger for someone who has developed COVID-19. People who smoke cigarettes are more likely to have complications with the virus opposed to nonsmokers. Many people in China whose lives were lost due to coronavirus had complications directly connected to daily cigarette consumption. Now is the perfect time to quit that bad habit. Your life depends on it.

If Possible Try Alternative Ways of Consumption 

Marijuana Edibles, CBD Tinctures and Cannabis Topicals are not inhaled.
Some patients need their medical marijuana, even if COVID-19 may be knocking at the door, but that’s why they make cannabis edibles and marijuana tinctures.

Dr. Verbora recommends sticking to other common consumption methods. “I would recommend refraining from smoking cannabis in general,” he says, “There are safer options such as vaporizing or using edibles that don’t risk airway harms.” Tinctures, beverages, capsules, and topicals are other options to consider according to the article in Green Flower.

We are always looking for the best quarantine DIY cannabis edible recipes.

Feel free to share your favorite edibles and way to consume cannabis without inhaling it.

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Our Conclusion

There are many options out there if you are worried about smoking during these times. Put your mind at ease and try some edibles, tinctures, capsules or many of the other unique ways to consume cannabis.

We want you to live and we want to live too.  Stay safe, stay home and stay lifted.