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MUV Dispensaries of SRQ

In our quest to give you the best information, here's another review of a Sarasota dispensary.

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Are You Investing in Cannabis?

If you've ever asked yourself "how do I invest in cannabis stocks" your timing couldn't be better.

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Curaleaf Dispensary of Sarasota

It's good to know where to go when you are searching the medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida.

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A Nick, Dime, Dub and A Key, What Are They?

You have to know what to ask for if you are buying either small amounts or large amounts of weed on the street.

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Do You Have a Discrete Weed One Hitter?

Finding the right marijuana one hitter is important and can be easier than you think.

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How to Get High Faster ⏭

When time is short and you need to catch a cannabis buzz quickly, there are several options.

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Can THC Help Treat COVID-19 Complications?

Several studies are being done to test the effectiveness of THC can help to stop Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) from complicating Covid-19 symptoms.

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Is The Climate Right In Your Marijuana Grow?

Proper humidity and temperature levels are two of the most common mistakes made in a marijuana grow room.

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Learn Weed: Key Marijuana Terms to Know | Volume 4

If you know 7 out of 10 of these weed terms, consider yourself a master. Most people don't know any cannabis terminology. Test your skill below.

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Learn Weed: Key Marijuana Terms to Know | Volume 3

All budtenders know that knowledge is king. Especially in the weed game... it's important to know what everyone is talking about.

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Learn Weed: Key Marijuana Terms to Know | Volume 2

If you've ever asked yourself what all those fancy cannabis words mean, you're in the right place. How many of these cannabis terms do you know?

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Learn Weed: Key Marijuana Terms to Know | Volume 1

Knowing what all the words mean is crucial to really understanding the plant. This is Part 1 of our series on Cannabis Vocabulary.