These days there seems top be a gadget or application for almost anything and the marijuana industry is no exception. Ancillary businesses are trying to get in on the trending marijuana movement too and inventions are sprouting up everywhere. Would you add a marijuana slow cooker to your kitchen?

Some people take their weed very seriously. LendEDU recently conducted a poll of 1,000 legal marijuana users, asking them about their spending habits. The poll found that cannabis consumers spend an average of more than $110 per month on marijuana, and they buy more than six pot-related products each month. Almost three out of 10 legal users (27.6 percent) spend more money on marijuana than they do on eating out at restaurants.

What are they buying? Well, in addition to purchasing different types of weed like “grape krush” or “pineapple skunk,” they are also buying reefer accessories and gadgets for their homes. Some of the marijuana tech we found looks like something out of a stoner sci-fi movie, and other gadgets are devices you would see in a typical kitchen (but pot users find highly creative uses for the products). Check out some of the crazy marijuana kitchen and home gadgets we found.

Marijuana cookware
New Marijuana Related Gadgets For Your Home

When you make marijuana edibles at home, safety is a major concern. Especially, considering the rise in incidences of emergency room visits after a child accidentally ingested a marijuana edible.

This cookware can help distinguish your marijuana edibles from your traditional baked goods.

New Marijuana Related Gadgets For Your Home

Bongs and bowls are so last century — vaporizers are the bongs of the future. Informally named “the Keurig of marijuana,” the CannaCloud is a vaporizer that uses pods filled with cannabis flower. The pods promote freshness and they help lock in flavor and aroma.

To use CannaCloud, you simply place the pod into its compartment, press a button, and 60 seconds later you have sanitary vapor ready to inhale. No more dirty bongs, gross black water, or germ-covered hands.

Pax is another option. This portable marijuana oven vaporizes your herb at home or on the go. It heats up in about 20 seconds, and it has different temperature settings, so you can adjust it according to your preferences.

CannaCloud costs around $150 and the pods for the CannaCloud machine (containing 0.4 grams) are around $10. The Pax 3 costs around $250 for the complete kit.

Nova Decarboxylator
New Marijuana Related Gadgets For Your Home

This small device may look like a travel coffee mug but inside of the small machine, there are precision sensors embedded within a thermal blanket, electronics, and software. Within 90 to 120 minutes, you can decarb your marijuana without an oven, or any other large appliances.

What is the point of decarboxylation? Well, decarbing converts cannabis from its raw form into its active bioavailable form. For patients who need to administer their marijuana topically, orally, or sublingually, decarbing is crucial. It also promotes safer, cleaner marijuana edibles.

Marijuana grow lights, tents, and automated boxes
New Marijuana Related Gadgets For Your Home

These days, you can buy just about everything you need to grow marijuana plants at home (as long as you live in a place where it’s legal).

For between $25 to $200 on Amazon, you can purchase a full-spectrum LED grow light. You can also add in a large (40 inches wide and 80 inches tall) grow tent for around $100.

For those who want to grow weed with minimal effort, automated grow boxes like Grobo do most of the work for you. After you set up the machine (insert the carbon filter, seeds, nutrients, and pod), you just need to tell the app what you’re growing. The Wi-Fi connected gardening robot box will water your plants, provide them with lighting and nutrients, and tell you when you need to refill the machine.

Oil infusers
New Marijuana Related Gadgets For Your Home

You can infuse cannabis (or whatever herb you like) into your oil, butter, syrup, honey, and more with an herbal infuser. This one costs about $115 on Amazon, and it is not much bigger than a large coffee mug.

Sous vide machines and slow cookers
New Marijuana Related Gadgets For Your Home

Sous vide is the process of cooking vacuum-sealed foods in a temperature-controlled water bath. Sous vide machines have become increasingly popular among home cooks because they create convenient, gourmet quality foods.

Marijuana connoisseurs use sous vide machines to infuse marijuana into various foods (like butters, jams, and oils). According to High Times, you can fill several mason jars with your “sous weed” creations, and you can simultaneously prepare them without any strong odor.

If sous vide is not your style, you can also use a slow cooker. Not only will your slow cooker make the perfect pot roast or stew, it will also serve as yet another way to infuse cannabis into your foods.

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