DEA Wins the Battle but Is Losing the War on Marijuana by Taking No Stance

Despite promising reports and advocacy groups reporting that the DEA would reclassify marijuana from a Schedule 1 drug, the DEA decided to keep the classification. This is no surprise to anyone in the industry, due to the state’s being able to write their own laws on medical marijuana. The DEA will have to go through a lengthy process to change this classification through various legislative bodies, so they do nothing and the states keep winning.

A Federal Appeals court recently ruled in favor of state level legislation when it comes to the Department of Justice persecuting a business or user of medical marijuana, in a state where the laws allow them to operate. The DOJ was told to stop wasting tax payer’s money and go focus on a different industry.

Do you think that the DEA decided to leave the classification as is, because it is imminent that federal legislation will change the policy for every state when it comes to cannabis?


SPRINGFIELD, OR – FEBRUARY 16, 2016: Marijuana dispensaries like this one have popped up in large number due to a law change in Oregon legalizing pot for recreational purposes. Photo Credit: Joshua Rainey Photography / The U.S. DEA Wins the Battle but Is Losing the War on Marijuana

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