Aspiring Colorado Attorney General Thinks Legalized Marijuana Has Failed

George Brauchler is an aspiring Colorado attorney general and the current 18th Judicial District DA for Colorado. He would like to see cannabis made illegal in Colorado again and his reasoning seems to be that legalized marijuana has not stopped all violent crime.

He cites a story about an illegal marijuana sale that took place in 2016 which wound up with one man dead during a robbery. He has also referred to some incidents shortly after marijuana became legal where tourists were lured away by the promise of a marijuana tour just to be robbed later. There are some thoughts that Brauchler is simply trying to win over marijuana opponent votes for the Colorado attorney general seat.

“The victim was there with his brother,” Brauchler recounted. “The defendant [Ugalde] went there to pick up some other people, who sold illegal marijuana to the victim and the brother; the victim’s wife was in the back seat asleep. After the purchase for $15 of marijuana was made, the defendant came up to the driver’s side window and said, ‘Hey, you guys want to score some coke?’ There was a conversation back and forth, and finally, the bad guy produced a .357 and said, ‘This is a robbery.’ The brother gave up his wallet โ€” said, ‘Hey man, whatever, that’s cool.’ But the driver [Castellano-Savillon] said, ‘Don’t give this guy anything. He’s not going to pull the trigger. This guy isn’t going to do nothing.'”

He was wrong.

“The defendant did do something,” Brauchler continued. “He shot three times, and the only person he hit was the driver. The brother and the wife were okay, but the driver was shot through the side and ended up dying.”

As Brauchler acknowledged, “This was an illegal sale, for sure โ€” and I asked our prosecutor about that. I said, ‘This is a market where it’s legal to buy. Why are these guys out there in front of a nightclub trying to purchase illegal marijuana?’ And the speculation โ€” and I think it’s pretty smart speculation โ€” is that these were illegal immigrants. The wife and the brother ended up applying for a U visa or some kind of protected status after they were victimized. You don’t have to be a citizen to go into a store and buy marijuana or have someone do it for you, but the fact is, these guys knew this was a place where you could score marijuana, and that’s where they went to do it.”

Marijuana opponents like Brauchler are head scratchers. It is obvious that he is ignoring a lot of important points about how legalization of cannabis can reduce crime and that no one suggested it was a crime cure-all. Yet opponents persist is this obtuse manner whrere the only logical conclusion is that they have some ulterior motive. Do you believe that Brauchler really thinks that cannabis advocates were arguing that once marijuana was made legal all violent crime would just vanish?

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