Unsecured funding has finally emerged for Cannabis business ventures nationwide. While banks tighten the reins on loan approvals, unsecured funding becomes a primary source of working capital for the Cannabis business owner.

My name is Lisa Hall and I am a Texas resident who has planted her feet in the financing industry for over 10 years. I have successfully financed residential and commercial properties, and helped hundreds of individuals and companies make their property ownership dreams come true.

I have integrated business financing into my background and developed a firm foundation for those who are ready to move forward with scaling their business. I have now turned my focused efforts towards Cannabis business owners.

Unsecured Funding

First, what is unsecured funding? Unsecured funding is a loan with no collateral backing. Like a credit card, you are able to borrow money based primarily on best business practices. You do not need to put up your home or other assets that a creditor could seize in case of a default.

Recently, unsecured funding has grown at an exponential rate. Traditional banks are no longer the primary source for funding for any type of small business. Unsecured funding is now the most common method small businesses use for additional working capital.

Right now, the Cannabis industry has come to the attention of alternative lenders. Soaring from 2 to 30 medical marijuana states and now 9 adult-use states plus Washington D.C., your Cannabis business is now considered a good risk financially.

Traditional Financing Comparisons

You no longer have to concern yourself with surrendering a stake or control of your business. This simplified financing process gives you the freedom to finally tackle those projects you need to get done.

Venture Capital

Wealthy investors like investing capital into risky start-ups with growth potential. This type of capital is called “venture capital”. Sometimes they make huge returns, depending on the growth of the company. As the business owner you may feel dealing with a venture capitalist is risky on your end too. Since it is their money that is at stake, they will have power over many major decisions within your company. This money comes with some major strings attached.

Private Equity Funding

You could sell shares to raise private equity. You can sell those shares to the general public, financial institutions or to institutional investors. You will then have shareholders to answer to because they own part of your company. You can decide how much of the company to hand over based on how many shares you sell as compared to the value of the company. You could get a large amount of funding, and there may even be professional guidance or other incentives if you work with an institutional investor. They will demand to own a majority of the company and take over your managerial control. For many Cannabis business owners this no longer feels like running their own business, instead it is just becoming a manager for someone else.

Collateral Funding

If you already own an asset, such as your home, and you want to take a loan out “against it”, that’s collateral funding. This usually takes a lot less time and energy than the previous 2 types of funding, but it means if something goes awry, you would suffer the loss of that asset. In this instance, it literally would hit home.

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If you do own a valuable asset, this certainly would provide an advantage at the start, but would prove to be more challenging to revisit once you were established and in need of additional working capital to scale your business. In my option, this is the next best option if you do not qualify for unsecured working capital. You maintain control of your company, but you must risk your valuable asset.

Unsecured Funding

Business owners in every industry have been using unsecured funding as the primary way to access working capital for more than a decade. What is new is that Cannabis business owners are now able to access the same type of unsecured funding that has been the foundation for small and medium business success across the country, and around the world.

These are a few of the reasons unsecured funding has become the most common type of business funding:

  • Exceptionally quick approval times measured in days, not weeks or months
  • Flexible repayment schedule based on your cash flow, not based on the financial institution’s fixed schedule
  • Only 6 months in business requirement
  • No shareholders or venture capitalists to answer to
  • Numerous fund uses
  • Lower or often no application fees

How to Get Unsecured Funding Approval

I personally support the current Cannabis business model, and see the huge potential for growth. As a result, when providing working capital to Cannabis business owners, the approval requirements have been adjusted to demonstrate this support.

Here are the adjusted requirements:

  • Time in business: 6 months (previously 12 months)
  • Credit Score 500 (other lenders require 600+ and up to 700+)
  • Monthly gross minimum sales: $6,000 – $ 8,000 (no longer $10,000)
  • 6 months bank statements
  • At least 8 bank deposits every month
  • No more than 7 NSF
  • Loan amounts: Start at $ 250,000; can scale a business up to $4 million. (others only offer less than $200,000) (In order for a business owner to start at this amount they need $125K gross sales a month. We can scale cannabis business owners to $4 million within a few short months)

Are you ready to grow?

The Cannabis business model has changed significantly over the past decade. I recognize the medical breakthroughs caused by the shift in perspective concerning marijuana. The quality of life for those who had little to no hope is improving, thanks to Cannabis.

Through unsecured lending, you can scale business. As a Cannabis Business owner, I am interested in supporting your ability to develop life-changing products for those in need.

Unsecured funding has absolutely emerged for Cannabis business ventures, nationwide and around the world. As a Cannabis business owner, you are finally able to access this most popular funding for small and medium business.

While banks continue to tighten the reins on their loan approvals, we can offer you the unsecured funding you need for additional working capital. We believe in the Cannabis industry and want to work with you to make your cannabis business dream become reality.

As an ISO, I can work with you directly to manage and oversee all of your unsecured funding needs. Start the quick, easy application process today!

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Contact Lisa now to secure your 48 hour approval: www.thecashlady.com