I had never traveled to the pacific northwest in all of my 38 years of life, but I had the opportunity back in May of this year to see my little sister graduate with her Doctorate in Veterinarian Medicine from the prestigious University of Washington. But, of course I work in the realm of legal weed and could not help but to stop by some pretty amazing adult-use marijuana dispensaries in Spokane Valley, Washington while I was there.

It gave me an idea, let’s provide our followers with a tour of marijuana dispensaries around the country and see what makes them different. And, guess what? The style of marijuana dispensaries are actually quite different depending on where you are in the country. Some of them offer a wide array of cannabis products while other are limited. Some dispensaries have a homey craft store style feel to them, while other feel like you are in an Apple Store. Some of them have budtenders that are incredibly well informed while others have people working behind the counter to basically just ring you up. What most marijuana dispensaries share in common is that they offer lab tested cannabis and they are very happy to see you walk through their door. Let’s start off with my trip to Spokane Valley and the two adult-use dispensaries I visited.

Tree House Club, Spokane Valley, Washington, marijuana news
Tree House Club, Spokane Valley, Washington

marijuana menu, marijuana dispensary, Tree house club, marijuana legalizationIf you have not been to the pacific northwest before, it is beautiful. You drive through mountains and rolling hills and the air smells real fresh next to where I have spent most of my life on the east coast. I drove down a road alongside railroad tracks following my GPS to one particular dispensary that looked appealing on my Google search. The Tree House Club or THC is located at 14421 E Trent Ave Spokane Valley, WA 99216, and I immediately thought it was amazing. The staff was as pleasant as you could imagine and I was introduced to the extremely helpful manager, Jennifer Bordoy. She showed me around the rustic looking store that offers both medical and adult-use cannabis. I told her I had Tree house club, spokane valley washington, marijuana dispensary, adult-use marijuananever had the chance to try Blue Dream before and her eyes grew wide in bewilderment. She explained that they had four different strains of Blue Dream opening a small drawer behind the counter. She explained the different strains to me and pointed out the one she liked the most and had also won an award. She was right, it was amazing and I felt inspired by the few small puffs I took later that night. I felt very comfortable in the Tree House Club like I had just walked into a local craft beer brewery.

Green Light Dispensary, Spokane Valley, Washington, marijuana news
Green Light Dispensary, Spokane Valley, Washington

Just down the street from THC was another dispensary located at 10309 E Trent Ave, Spokane, Washington called Green Light. This marijuana dispensary also had that homey, locally owned craft store feel to it and I had the chance to speak with their store manager, Sonny Langdon. He told me that the store is doing really well but that it did seem like the state was allowing a lot of stores to open which was creating a lot of competition. This store also had a large variety of products including pre-rolls, flower by the gram, edibles, vapes and all sorts of paraphernalia including a very expensive dab rig for sale that had been made locally. I again felt very welcomed and like I was speaking with a very well informed staff.

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Green Light Spokane Washington, Dab Rig, cannabis news, recreational marijuana
Glass Blown Dab Rig

There is a small glimpse into what shopping for cannabis is like in Washington. I did not make it over to the coast near Seattle where I was informed that the cannabis shopping experience is much different. But, we will get there. In the meantime our followers can expect more of these small marijuana dispensary tours coming soon. We will head down to Las Vegas and then shoot all the way over to the east coast to Washington D.C. where they like to joke that D.C. offers adultish marijuana but really is still only offering medical marijuana. Then we will be up in Massachusetts for the kickoff of adult-use sales this July. We will also be touring some medical marijuana dispensaries down in Florida as well.