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LGC-Capital (OTC: LGGCF) – A Close Look at the International Marijuana Industry

LGC-Capital (OTC: LGGCF) - A Close Look at the International Marijuana Industry, John McMullen, international marijuana industry

While at the CanEx Jamaica convention I came across LGC-Capital (LG.V) (LGGCF).ย An international investment company interested in licensed and legal marijuana grow acquisitions. It seems a fitting time to discuss the international marijuana industry now that Canada is officially selling adult-use marijuana nationwide and expunging cannabis related arrestโ€ฆ

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LGC Capital’s (OTC:LGGCF) Leading Australian Medical Cannabis LP Partner, Little Green Pharma, Commences Commercial Sales to Patients

Little Green Pharma, LGC Capital, John McMullen, international marijuana news, trending marijuana news

Little Green Pharma successfully completes second commercial medical cannabis harvest and commences sales to Australian patients. LGP’s products accepted into major statewide clinical trials for advanced cancer. LGP commences negotiations for exports toย Germany. LGP negotiating to build a 400,000 square foot facility on a 500,000 square foot site.โ€ฆ

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