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  Fusion.net has provided an extensive breakdown of the realistic outcomes for the states that may legalize recreational and/or medical marijuana very soon. Evidence points to a number of states to see drastic reform in the next 5 years. Even the republican-heavy TEXAS is hopeful for full legalization in…
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Meiko Perez & Her Son Joey Started UF4A.org, 15 Minutes After Their Interview On Good Morning America – The Site Now Gets About 1 Million Hits Per Month

Meiko Perez & her Son Joey started UF4A.org, 15 minutes after their interview on Good Morning America – the site now gets about 1 million hits per month. Listen to the complete interview here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHF9NMJdbYM&feature=youtu.be Joey Perez has been dealing with the effects of severe autism since birth.…
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The National Marijuana News (“TNMNews”), is an unbiased news-talk radio show developed by seasoned news producers and media industry professionals. The show is focused on the political, economic, medicinal, and social implications of the rapidly evolving medical and recreational marijuana industry. The TNMNews radio program makes its world…
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