Many enthusiasts turn to recreational marijuana due to the relatively minor side effects that one can experience even after consuming a significant amount. Unlike alcohol and other drugs, weed has always had the famous reputation of never giving you a hangover, making it that much more of an attractive option for many. However, with successful legalization efforts rapidly growing around the world we are now seeing stronger and stronger strains, powerful concentrates, and more potent edibles than ever before.

Weed Hangovers, trending marijuana news, when will marijuana be legal everywhereAs a result, more and more people have been reporting what some folks have been calling a “weed hangover.” Symptoms of this malady often mirror those of an alcohol hangover and may include stomach troubles like nausea and vomiting, a shortened attention span that can be accompanied by some memory loss, as well as troubles with speech and motor skills. While these hangovers are more prevalent for those enthusiasts that consume strong edibles due to how they are metabolized, smokers can still suffer from these symptoms if they are not careful.

So, what can enthusiasts do to prevent waking up with a weed hangover? As with any good thing, moderation is always key. Chronic use of some of the more potent strains will increase your resistance thereby causing you to use more to obtain the same effects which can potentially lead to hangover city in the morning. Your weed use should preferably be stretched out over time and if you are getting to the point where you are lighting up constantly, it may be a good time to take a break in general.

Another good idea is to make sure that you eat well before you start enjoying your weed. Just like you want to have a solid “base” in your stomach before you start drinking in order to help curb the effects of the booze, you’ll want to do the same when it comes to weed. You’ll want to make sure you eat healthy too because chips, candy, and other types of munchies just won’t cut it.

Also like when you are drinking alcohol, staying hydrated will help keep some of the hangover symptoms at bay. Making sure that you have enough to drink prior to, during, and after your sessions goes a long way in keeping your body’s systems happy. We recommend good old fashioned water, sport’s drinks, and natural juices but highly suggest avoiding anything too sugary or drinks that contain alcohol as they can potentially lead to dehydration.

Weed Hangovers, weed news, latest cannabis news, when will cannabis be legal everywhereWhile not nearly as terrible as alcohol hangovers, weed hangovers can still suck pretty bad, especially if unexpected and you have things to do. However, if you are able to follow the above advice you should be okay to enjoy your herb without having to worry too much about how you are going to be feeling tomorrow!

Have you ever suffered from a weed hangover before? What type of cannabis product(s) were you using at the time? Do you have any tips or tricks for preventing them that you can share?