Weed Smoking Etiquette 101

Smoking weed is often times a social occasion among enthusiasts. Passing around a joint or a bong among friends and hanging out is a great way to bond. Unfortunately, there are many different ways one can accidentally ruin a perfectly good smoke session. From a poorly rolled blunt or joint, overly packed bowls, to downright bad manners, there are many ways to spoil what should be a good thing.

Throughout the years, smokers have developed a sort of “code” with regards to what behaviors should be expected when toking up with others. For example, many enthusiasts would find it pretty rude if you smoke and run. Most people would not appreciate you taking off immediately after getting high and some folks may even start to think that you are using them for their weed if you do this on a regular basis.

Weed Smoking Etiquette 101When it comes to joints and blunts, one of the unwritten rules is that whomever rolled it gets to smoke first. This just makes sense as they were the ones that spent the time and energy crafting what you are all about to enjoy. Another courtesy everyone should be familiar with is the “puff, puff, pass” rule. When smoking a joint or blunt with friends, make sure to only take at most two hits then promptly pass it along to the next person. This helps ensure that everyone involved in the session can get as equal an amount of smoke as possible. You’ll also want to make sure that you don’t take too long during your turn as this can end up wasting weed as the joint/blunt burns away.

Also, don’t be a jerk and smoke with others when you are sick without telling them. Your friends won’t find it cool that you’re passing around the bong along with your germs. Be sure to let them know that you are sick ahead of time and try to work out an alternative way for you to participate in the session if at all possible, like using a separate piece of your own or by saving the last of the blunt/joint for you to enjoy after your friends are done smoking.

Weed Smoking Etiquette 101Buying weed regularly can get pretty expensive especially if you are sharing with others regularly, so it’s only fair for those you are sharing with to contribute in some shape or form. While you can’t go wrong with cash, bringing along food/snacks, drinks, and entertainment (i.e. movies, video games, etc.) is always appreciated. If you are getting high in someone else’s place, you should always respect their home and follow their rules. Just like you wouldn’t want anyone ashing on your floor or putting out a blunt on your coffee table, don’t act the fool when at your buddy’s place when invited to a session.

Since many smoking circles have their own set of rules, it would be wise for newcomers to be told of any special rules that most people may not be aware of ahead of time. That way everyone is on the same page and will lead to a smooth and enjoyable session.

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