We are quickly approaching the holidays and certainly an adult beverage can be called for during this time of year. In the “spirit” of things, check out this really easy recipe for infusing rum with cannabis to make your own weed infused cocktails for your next happy hour or party! You can use this easy cannabis rum recipe for piña coladas, daiquiris, a refreshing rum punch or even just straight up and since rum is very versatile when it comes to what type of drinks you can make, you can have plenty of fun experimenting with all sorts of different combinations of ingredients.

weed recipes, marijuana infused rum, marijuana legalization, cannabis news, marijuana recipesWhether you’re relaxing by the pool or planning your next voyage across the seven seas, everything is better with a little rum in your cup! However you’ll want to be mindful of how much cannabis you will be using as well as how strong the strain is because it can lead to some overpowered drinks that could literally knock you off your ass if you’re not careful. As with all cannabis concoctions, especially ones that contain hard alcohol, please enjoy your cannabis rum responsibly!

Marijuana shake from your preferred strain
Rum of your choice

A strong blender or coffee grinder
A crock pot
A mason jar
A sieve
A bowl
A strainer

To begin, grind up the cannabis that you will be using in the blender or coffee grinder until it turns into a very fine powder. Once finely ground take the sieve, place it over a bowl, and begin pouring the cannabis powder. The sieve should trap any larger coarse stalks and fibers left behind while allowing the fine cannabis powder to collect in the bowl. Once filtered, place the marijuana powder in your crock pot to dry cook it at 190 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately an hour to decarb. You now have some kick-ass cannabis powder that you can use for this and many other recipes geared towards enthusiasts.

Weed Recipes: Cannabis Infused Rum, cannabis mojito, marijuana mojito, weed drinkTo get started with the cannabis rum, fill your mason jar to the brim with some of the cannabis powder as well as the cannabis leaves, twigs, flowers etc.that may have been leftover from the above step. Next pour your choice of rum over the cannabis so that it completely covers all of the plant matter. Once filled place the lid on the jar, store the mixture in a warm out of the way place, and do not touch it for about three weeks. The mixture will blend together over time so all you have to do is sit back and wait. Once the three weeks are up filter the potent liquid through a strainer in order to remove the leftover plant matter so that it doesn’t end up in your tasty beverages and you have yourself your very own cannabis infused rum to use whenever you want!

Have you ever made or tried cannabis infused rum before? Do you have any cannabis infused drink recipes that you’d like to share with fellow enthusiasts?