One of the downsides to smoking cannabis is the often pungent aroma that comes along with it. Want to be able to enjoy your weed in peace but have some worries about the notorious smell blowing up your spot and potentially ruining your session? With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of a number of different tried and true methods that will help reduce and even altogether eliminate that tell tale marijuana smell in order to help the concerned enthusiasts out there.

While scented sprays and air fresheners like Febreze, Glade, Lysol and such, are super convenient and may even be somewhat effective, most do little else than mask the strong smell of most marijuana flower smoke so you’ll want to work a little harder for the desired result. Basically, these solutions just mix their manufactured aromas with the weed smell and may actually end up making the situation worse by creating a whole new (yet probably awful) scent.

Weed Smell, sploof, cannabis news, Jeff Sessions marijuana, cannabis cultureA far more effective and yet easy method that doesn’t take too much prep is making what is commonly called a “sploof.” A sploof is a makeshift device that’s used to blow weed smoke into in order to reduce the marijuana’s smoke smell. You can make your very own sploof at home with just a finished paper roll (paper towel or toilet paper), a few dryer sheets and a handful of rubber bands. The dryer sheets within will end up absorbing the majority of the marijuana smell once the smoke passes through to the other end. Seriously, it’s just that simple!

Scented candles and incense are a decent alternative as they can add a nice visual touch to any home, but if you go that route, make sure that you select candle scents that complement your weed. For example, if you are going to be smoking a strain with a piney smell to it you may want to invest in some pin-scented candles so that the two smells can blend together nicely. Smoking weed in general requires fresh air so enthusiasts should always open windows throughout their sessions. If at all possible, you should smoke outdoors, but in case you aren’t able to, air purifiers and certain fans are able to take the smoke in and reduce the overall aroma by absorbing the cannabis molecules.

weed smell, cannabis news, vaporizer, vape pen, cannabis oil, marijuana legalizationOur personal favorite, and what we consider by far to be the most discreet way of enjoying your weed (aside from taking edibles) is using one of the many vaporizers out there. The smell produced by vaporizers is exponentially weaker than that of standard weed smoke and dissipates very quickly. Their effectiveness goes as far as to prevent anyone in the immediate from knowing that a smoking session just took place right after you are done. With such portability and convenience, its hard to imagine a better way to get high in today’s day and age!

Have you tried any of these methods before? Do you have any suggestions for getting rid of the weed smell?