Jennifer Lopez seemingly has a love for all things green, and apparently that also includes cannabis! On the video for one of her latest hit singles titled Dinero which translates to “money” in Spanish, the Puerto Rican pop star unabashedly shows one of the video’s models smoking from a cannabis wax pen.

With a theme of being able to enjoy the finer things in life, we’re not too surprised that marijuana would be included and see it as just another example of how cannabis use is becoming more accepted by the general public. You can check out the video for the new track featuring Cardi B and DJ Khaled below.

Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B aren’t the only ones who have had to overcome adversity. We were both surprised and excited to see a wax pen in the pop singer’s music video.

Jennie Just Wants The Green

“I just want the green,” Jennifer Lopez sings on the hook of the song. Judging by the title of the track, she is talking about money. However, cash isn’t the only form of green getting love in her latest video. Among the flashy symbols of status and wealth, there was a small victory for cannabis. A wax pen was featured in a mainstream pop artist’s music video.

In a couple of the earlier scenes, a model can be seen hitting the WASP Wax Pen by Mig Vapor. Unlike most of the items seen in the video, the price of the WASP should make it affordable to most cannabis consumers. At $49.95, the device is more affordable than a gram of concentrates on the top shelf of a marijuana dispensary.

Are you surprised to see wax pens being prominently featured in a mainstream music video?

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