Still struggling trying to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Check out these ideas for the stoner love of your life! Cupid, the love bubbler, is a charmingly romantic yet versatile glass piece that’s sure to melt their heart! Even better, it won’t ruin your budget either!

2018 Valentine’s Day Stoner Gift Guide
The heart bubbler from MJ Arsenal. (Lindsey Bartlett, The Cannabist)

Cupid, the love bubbler $29
This tiny, heart-shaped piece from MJ Arsenal is as cute and bubbly as your Valentine. It comes in rose and green, and while you can add a bowl or dab piece, it’s best used with a joint inserted in the neck.

For a little more fun in the bedroom, have you ever considered trying a marijuana based and all-natural aphrodisiac? Check out the Awaken stimulant from Foria, guaranteed to spice things up a bit on your special night!

2018 Valentine’s Day Stoner Gift Guide
Foria Awaken $48
Have you been waiting for the right time to try a cannabidiol-infused stimulant in the bedroom? Well, no better time than Valentine’s Day to experiment with CBD as an aphrodisiac. Awaken isn’t just infsued with full-spectrum CBD from organic Colorado hemp — it adds eight natural ingredients including kava, cacao, vanilla, cinnamon and ginger.

For those who have partners with a sweet tooth (or if you’re single and just want to treat yo’ self), you can try the High Love brand of cannabis chocolate edibles from 1906 New Highs. You can never go wrong with marijuana infused chocolate! Follow the link below for some additional gift ideas and have a happy Valentine’s Day!

2018 Valentine’s Day Stoner Gift Guide
High Love aphrodisiac chocolate from 1906 New Highs. (Lindsey Bartlett, The Cannabist)

High Love from 1906 New Highs $24
A new edible company with chic branding, 1906 New Highs, is all-the-rage this Valentine’s Day. Beyond THC and CBD, 1906 attributes the aphrodisiac elements in the chocolate to a blend of sensual herbs ashwagandha, damiana, catuaba, muira, puama and vanilla. The bar is aptly named High Love and you can find them at 17 recreational and medicinal dispensaries in Denver.
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