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Tommy Chong was Recently Interviewed by the Associated Press and Discussed His Upcoming 80th Birthday and his Life with Marijuana

Starting off with some cannabis celebrity news, Tommy Chong turns 80 years old this year and recently discussed his life with John Rogers of the Associated Press. He recounted his comedic life with Cheech Marin and how the the comedy of Lenny Bruce was a major influence on him. He also discussed his prison sentence after getting caught up in a marijuana paraphernalia crackdown by the federal government in 2003. He commented on how even 50 years ago when he became an advocate for cannabis he believed that it would eventually be legalized. Thank Tommy Chong and keep puffing along!


Moving over to pop music, Jennifer Lopez has a new hit single called, Dinero, where the song’s hook is “I just want the green.” Obviously the song is referencing money, but it apparently is also in reference to marijuana. One of the models in the video is using a wax pen from Mig Vapor at the beginning of the video. The new JLo song may also be referencing the green rush, which the fast growing cannabis industry is often referred to as. It is yet another move to further normalize cannabis consumption around the world.


How Cannabis Can Actually Help People Lose Weight

Moving over to some of the newer trends in the industry. While cannabis is typically thought to be a stimulant for hunger (everyone has at least heard of the munchies) the more we learn about cannabis the more we understand its capabilities. One of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis is THCV, and also there is a terpene called humelene. Together, they actually prevent THC from getting absorbed into our system which holds back the feeling of the munchies. They are being researched as a potential appetite suppressant to help people lose weight. Both THCV and humelene are commonly found in strains like Durban Poison, Super Lemon Haze and Pineapple Purps.


Taking a Closer Look at Sublingual Consumption of Marijuana

There seem to be new ways of consuming cannabis popping up all of the time. Many people associate marijuana with smoking joints and out of glass pipes, which some people are turned off by due to the potential adverse health effects of smoking. Not to mention people that consme cannabis for medicinal reasons do not want to inhale smoke. One of the newer and trendier ways to consume marijuana is through a sublingual method. Often, cannabis that is consumed through a sublingual method simply comes on a small soluble tab that the consumer places in their mouth similar to a listerine strip. It acts faster than a typical edible because it bypasses the digestive system and is absorbed into the bloodstream quickly. It is also a good way to dose cannabis.


Do you prefer joints or blunts?

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While all of these newer methods of consuming cannabis are being invented, many marijuana consumers still prefer old school methods like rolling up a joint or a blunt. A joint has also evolved as well from your traditional white paper to clear glucose-based papers. But a blunt has the dark color and the flavor from tobacco. Some of us just like smoking a bowl or hitting the bong. We would like to hear from you on how you prefer to consume marijuana.  Let us know your favorite way of consuming marijuana.


That’s all for this week everybody. I look forward to bringing you more stories about the newest trends in cannabis and what people are talking about on social media next week. This is Christine Sclafani with The National Marijuana News signing off. Stay lifted everyone!