Marijuana Recipes: CannaPasta

Hey dudes and dolls, this is Christine Sclafani, your hostess with the mostess for The National Marijuana News Culture. It’s marijuana recipe day!

Okay, I absolutely love marijuana recipes! I love them, I don’t know what to say other than I think they are great. For me, before sitting down to eat a meal infused with weed, there is an extra level of heightened excitement because I know that maybe 30 minutes to an hour after eating my meal that things are going to get pretty interesting, and I am not sure how interesting either.

Maybe the cannabutter or my cannabis oil was not potent enough and it won’t work. Boooooo. Maybe I didn’t stir it well enough so some parts of my concoction are more potent than other parts. The strain of marijuana will influence how I feel too and sometimes I can’t even remember which strain I used and even if I do, I am still not sure how this particular cannabis meal is going to make me feel.

But, I have found that the meal that cannabutter or cannaoil goes best with is pasta. Let me tell you, I am very health conscious. But, I do indulge in some pasta from time to time and find weed adds a great flavor to pasta. It melds deliciously with a strong pesto, garlic or Parmesan sauce. So, next time you decide to treat yourself to some linguine, angel hair or penne, spin in a nice dosage of weed and bring your treat to a whole new level.

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