Smoking cannabis via joints is one of the oldest and most popular ways to consume it, but the skill and enthusiasm for rolling your own joints can vary significantly from person to person. While many folks enjoy and take pride in the art of rolling up their own J’s, others may find it to be a hassle and not worth the overall effort. However, there are new improved products and techniques that allow for less than talented joint rollers to get in on all of the fun. If you happen to find yourself struggling to roll up something decent to smoke, check out these tips to help you along the way!

Grinders are key:

rolling joints, weed culture, grinders, marijuana grinder, tricks for rolling jointsGrinders are plastic, metal, or wooden devices meant to grind your cannabis into a fine consistency that will help when shaping your joints. By removing as many of the lumps and stems as possible, the job of rolling up a proper spliff becomes that much easier a task. Also, grinders let cannabis enthusiasts avoid sticky fingers which can interfere with your joint rolling and as a bonus they won’t leave your hands reeking of herb when you are done.

Invest in a rolling machine:

rolling great joints, how to roll great joints, marijuana news, tips for rolling great joints, joint rolling machineFor folks who are hopelessly bad at rolling joints there are a number of different rolling machines available on the market. From the extravagant to the nominally priced, these machines quickly and efficiently roll joints by either physically rolling the cannabis inside your standard rolling papers or by stuffing the weed into pre-shaped cones. Even if you can already roll a mean joint, these machines help create consistency and minimize time spent and cannabis wasted when using the more traditional methods.

Larger papers work better:

One thing we’ve learned over the years is that using larger rolling papers tends to be easier, especially for uncoordinated folks or those with larger hands and fingers. Trying to roll with the usual tiny joint papers can become a frustrating affair after a few failed attempts, so we highly suggest starting off with larger sized papers and a good amount of cannabis so that it’s easier to work with and fix any errors.

Use a filter:

putting a filter in a joint, best joints, rolling blunts, rolling spliffs, tips and tricks for rolling jointsA somewhat controversial addition to a joint is a filter. While many enthusiasts eschew the need for a filter on their joints there are many folks that swear by them as they help shape the joint and prevents you from swallowing up pieces of loose weed when you are inhaling. If you are using a traditional cardboard filter you’ll of course have to replace them after each joint but several companies have put reusable glass filters out on the market so you won’t need to go scrambling from some extra cardboard when getting ready to twist one up. All you need to do for these is clean them every once in a while with some alcohol to remove excess resin and you are good to go.

Do you have any tips or tricks for rolling joints that you’d like to share?