Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost upon us. In the world of weed, it’s called Green Friday. Opportunities abound for all the stoners out there to make sure that next month’s rent remains in the bank account and that the next smoke session is not filled with budgeting anxiety. In order for that to happen though, we gotta keep our act together so that we don’t overspend this holiday season. There are some crazy good offers out there too like Me Time Box Products free pipe giveaway. Click ⟹ HERE. What’s better than free? Reportedly, they have a million bowls to give out this holiday season.

Have you ever given a bowl to someone as a gift before? If they like weed, they always light up, figuratively speaking. They will always be excited unless it’s some tiny shatter prone pipe they know cost you $.50 cents and just trying to clean it or scrape some resin will definitely break it. A durable glass pipe needs to be double or triple blown so that it has a shot at surviving a fall off the side of a table or slipping out of someone’s hand. A good solid heavy glass piece needs to be able to go through the rigors of getting scraped by a paperclip or tumbled in a pot of boiling water. Otherwise, they are just a big bummer.

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You know, we are all smart and we know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are marketing ploys to make us spend more. But, the truth is that you have to give out gifts during the holidays, there is no getting around it, and these big discount days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best opportunities to spend as little as possible. Just don’t get sucked into the marketing ploys and find yourself pillaging offers like a bag of chips when you got a serious case of the munchies. Some offers are BS too, so you gotta stay vigilant. If you see anything on Instagram or anywhere that is offering to ship weed free to anywhere in the country, well that’s a scam. Weed is still illegal federally and so no real company is going to ship it across state lines. If you see some marijuana celebrity like Ngaio Bealum from Cooking on High in a picture offering you his weed for sale, well he does not sell weed. You just need to do a little prime investigative work.

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If you are in a state that has legalized weed, the dispensaries should be offering deals. If you are a medical marijuana patient in Arizona, check out the Harvest dispensary deals around the state where you can buy premium ounces of marijuana for $79 – $130. Washington and Oregon dispensaries are offering all sorts of discounts up to 30% off storewide items. Massachusetts just started selling adult-use marijuana this week but you would be lucky to find any recreational marijuana at all this Friday. If you are a medical patient though in the Bay State, check out Theory Wellness and Revolutionary Clinics for up to 20% discounts. Michigan just legalized adult-use weed but their program for commercially selling it won’t start for a while. Medical patients can check out Arbors Wellness for discounts up to 20%. The craziest deals though are MedMen in California and Nevada. MedMen is offering a whopping 40% off storewide items on Black Friday from 10 AM until noon. Also, go check out the biggest dispensary in the world, Planet 13, in Las Vegas.

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free pipe giveaway, black friday deals for stoners, me time box products, marijuana legalization, black friday dispensary discounts, black friday marijuana dealsA good solid heavy glass piece like a bowl, one hitter or even a chillum are proven tools of the weed trade and will work great with a gram of some blue dream or white widow. If it’s not broken then why fix it, right? Well yeah, glass pipes do break but you get what I am saying. Me Time Box Products even says they will immediately replace your free pipe if it arrives broken. You just gotta take a picture of it with your phone and send it to them. With a million bowls, sounds like they should have some to spare. Heck, forget about the gifts and just get one for yourself. Having a backup is a must, cuz while smoking out of an apple can be a lot of fun, what if you don’t have any apples? Right right… improvise. Here is the LINK.

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black friday bong discounts, atomic blaze, ebay glass pipe discounts, marijuana discounts on black friday, me time box products Check out eBay too. Companies like Atomic Blaze are offering bundles on all sorts of smoking items. Check out this glass bundle, where you get a bowl, a one hitter and a chillum all for $9.35. That is like three gifts in one. Look at this solid bong for only $35.00. There are offers out there for wild vaporizers that come with instruction manuals, what stoner needs that sort of complication? Want a dab rig? Well shatter is a pretty cool addition to the world or weed, but it gets expensive and the rigs are like crazy bongs. While watching all the glass tubes fill with smoke can be mesmerizing, is it truly worth it? Maybe. The point is that the deals are out there to make sure your weed budget doesn’t get compromised. I’ve done a lot of the work for you, but the rest is up to you now!

Here is a quick list of things stoners love to be given as gifts for the holidays:

We will go ahead and continue to update the deals for Cyber Monday too. Keeping our spending budget reasonable is a must and knowing that you won’t be missing any payments is weed news music to any stoner’s ears. I hope everyone stays lifted this holiday season!

Check out Me Time Box Products to get their free glass pipe, all you need to do is pay shipping and handling. Keep your eyes open for tips on how to care for your glass smoking pipes and creative ways to use them as well with Me Time Box Products. Support the independents who put in work and who want to change the world.