Want to throw a weed-friendly Halloween party this year? Check out the below video for some helpful hints for throwing an awesome Hallo-weed bash! Do you have any special plans this year? Let us k now about it in the comments.

Have a gas-tly good time with some Hallo-weed.

If you live in a state where weed is legal, there’s no reason to throw a basic, boring-ass Halloween party with stale costumes, copious candy corns, tinny recordings of witches cackling, and apple-bobbing. As the laws of the land progress, so too should your party planning to 420-friendly fiestas that ensure everyone has a scary good time — and gets roasted like some motherfucking pumpkin seeds. (Speaking of which, roasted and salted pumpkin seeds make for excellent themed munchies.)

Legal cannabis parties are pretty new, so you may need some help in putting together an unforgettable one. But have no fear — beyond whatever frights you seek out around October 31st — because MERRY JANE has you covered, from legal issues to costumes, food, games, and more. Simply follow our step-by-step video guide and you are guaranteed to throw a 420-friendly Halloween party so good that the dead will claw out of their graves just to get blazed with you. Happy Hallo-weed!

How to Throw the Best 420-Friendly Halloween Party – Culture | MERRY JANE