Most cannabis enthusiasts have run into the frustrating situation of having some herb on hand but nothing to smoke it out of. Whether it’s because you ran out of papers or wraps, can’t find your usual bowl, or recently broke your trusty bong, check out the below instructions for three very easy to make DIY bongs for when you next find yourself lacking a proper implement for your cannabis smoking needs!

Earth Bong:

Three Super-Easy DIY Bongs, earth weed bong, earth cannabis bong, earth marijuana bong Making an earth bong is super simple and all you need to do so is literally all around you. To begin take a handful of long yet sturdy sticks and a couple of holes in some damp soil that are a approximately a foot or two apart and connect the pair through an underground tunnel of sorts. Next take a bowl to one of the holes along with a bottle with the bottom removed to the other as your mouth piece and pack some of the loose soil around both to ensure the your tunnel is airtight. All you need now is some weed and a little bit of fire and you are all set!

Gravity Bong:

Three Super-Easy DIY Bongs, weed pieces, cannabis pieces, marijuana pieces There are a few different ways to make a gravity bong but one of the simplest ways involves a 2-liter bottle and a 5-gallon bucket. First, cut the bottom off of the 2-liter bottle while making sure to leave the bulk of the bottle’s length intact. Then, take the bottle’s cap and cut a hole into it large enough to fit a bowl, using tape or glue to seal them both tight. Next, fill the bucket with water and add the bottle to it so that minimal air is trapped inside. Lastly, fill the bowl with your choice of greenery and while lighting the bowl, slowly pull the bottle upward, making sure not to pull it completely out of the water otherwise all of that delicious weed smoke will go to waste. Be careful though, these bongs are pretty much guaranteed to get you really high in a hurry!

Water Bong:

Three Super-Easy DIY Bongs, cannabis water bong, marijuana water bong, weed bong All you will need to make a simple water bong is a bottle, a bowl that has a down stem, a box cutter, and a sealant like tape or glue. Begin by cutting a hole big enough for the down stem to fit about half way down the side the bottle you’ve chosen to use and seal them together using the tape or glue. Once secure, you can check to make that sure it is sealed properly by inhaling through the bottle’s opening and while plugging the bowl with your finger. If you can still pull air through the piece, double-check the seal and to ensure that it’s airtight. Once confirmed, add enough water to cover the base of your down stem, pack a bowl with your favorite herb, light it up, and you are ready to go!

Have you ever made any of these bongs before? Do you have any DIY bong ideas that you’d like to share?