We’ve all been there before, eagerly looking forward to enjoying a little weed with some friends when, for any number of reasons, the whole experience ends up going south. While you may still have gotten high, the session itself was less than pleasant. Unfortunately there are many different ways that a smoke session can go awry, from a poorly rolled blunt or joint, over packed bowls, to just bad manners, people can have a knack for spoiling what should be a good thing for everyone involved.

smoke sessions, joint, smoking weed, recreational marijuana, weed newsOne of the most common ways that a session can be ruined is when a joint or blunt is rolled badly. This is a task best left in the hands of fellow enthusiasts that know what they are doing because a joint that’s rolled too loosely will end up canoeing and will likely start falling apart while one that’s rolled too tightly may leave you with a collapsed lung as you try your best to get a decent hit from it. On top of that, you are quickly wasting your weed as it continues to burn away by the second. While not as difficult, packing a bowl/bong properly is also key to a good session. If it’s over packed, you’ll run into the same air-flow issues as with a joint that’s rolled too tightly and if you under pack it, you run the risk of your herb getting sucked through the piece as you try to inhale.

weed sessions, Humphrey Bogart, smoke etiquette, marijuana legalization, bogartingAnother usual point of frustration among smokers is when a fellow smoker is taking their sweet time hitting a blunt, joint, bowl, etc. while everyone sits around waiting. Usually the culprit is so busy with their personal ‘Story Time’ that they are oblivious to the fact that everyone has been staring at them anxiously waiting for their turn. While most folks can be patient and politely ask the offender to pass along the herb, this can easily irritate some people to the point of spoiling the session for everyone. This one really comes down to good manners, respect, and being mindful of those around you though the last part can be tricky when cannabis is involved and especially for newbies.

Weed Session, cannabis news, spilled marijuana, trending marijuana news, social weedAt some point all cannabis enthusiasts will have to come to terms with the fact that spilling ashtrays and grinders is unfortunately a pretty common occurrence and can’t really be helped sometimes. However, there are a few easy steps that you can take to prevent too much of a mess to clean up when they do happen. For example, placing a bit of newspaper or magazines on the floor around your smoking area does go a long way with regards to damage control, especially when carpeted flooring is concerned. This will also help you a great deal when you are picking up your weed if and when you happened to spill the contents of your grinder all over the place.

Do you have any tips for newbies or other things that should be avoided in order to have a good smoke session?