Switzerland CBD Cigarettes: A Review

CBD Cigarettes have now been made available in Switzerland by Swiss producer Heimat. Despite contianing CBD along with tobacco, reviewers state that you won’t feel any of its effects and the cigarettes are more of a “lifestyle product” and not mich else. WOuld you try these out given that the CDB seems to be wasted? Would a product like this have a market in the states?

As you all know, CBD Cigarettes are now available in Switzerland. The Swiss producerย Heimatย managed to make the cigarettes available at the Coop Supermarket, one of the leading retailers in Switzerland.

Before we start with the review, letโ€™s look at the facts:

For a normal pack of cigarettes, you have to pay between seven and eight Swiss Francs. A pack of CBD cigarettes will cost you 19.90 Francs (which are roughly equal to USD). A pack contains 20 cigarettes, like a normal pack, and includes 4 grams of CBD (0.25 gram per cigarette).

In Switzerland, any cannabis product with less than 1% THC is legal and can be sold without a license. A gram of CBD weed will cost you about 10 to 15 Francs if you want to acquire a certain quality. This raises the first question: how is Heimat able to sell a pack with 4 gram CBD for 19.90 when youโ€™d usually pay around 40-60 bucks for 4 grams of a CBD strain?

Heimat describes the experience like this:

The natural tobacco-and-hemp blend develops a bouquet of mild, sweet and spicy aromas when smoked, exuding the unmistakable scent of cannabis. And all this of course with no additives whatsoever โ€“ except for drinking water from Lake Constance.

After trying the first pack we can confirm the following, the taste is sweet indeed. As soon as you open up the pack you will experience a strong cannabis smell. It is very much comparable to when you smoke a spliff (with a cigarette filter).

Will you feel the CBD? Absolutely not. Even when you smoke three cigarettes back to back you will not be able to experience the medical properties that CBD offers. Itโ€™s a lifestyle product, nothing more and nothing less.

As you can see on the pictures above it is questionable that the cigarettes contain 25% CBD as advertised. The material used is finely-ground and you can clearly see that the material used is far from high quality. When you look at the pricing, this does not come as a surprise. For a price of 19.90 Francs, you will never be able to offer a superior quality because you have to consider that they have to pay around 30% tobacco tax to the Swiss state.

More than 50% of the cigarettes that we opened up contained sticks and seeds (which you will also notice when you smoke one of courseโ€ฆ)

Another problem is how the tobacco and the CBDย are mixed together. On their website, Heimat states the following:

From a technical perspective, the cigarette presented us with a series of challenges. While tobacco and hemp are easy to mix by hand, this is hard to do with a machine. Due to the varying textures of the two plants, our production team was forced to employ a few technical tricks to blend the tobacco and hemp to create a harmonious mixture. We are lucky to have some gifted pairs of hands at our small factory who keep on finding ways to convince our aging production machinery to perform at its best.

Another question that came up is, is it really Swiss-made? Sadly, the CBD used was not from Switzerland. Heimat states that:

Just one thing was not quite how we had hoped โ€“ unfortunately, we were unable to use exclusively Swiss hemp to mix with our Swiss tobacco. The volumes we needed were just too large, and due to supply shortages we were sometimes forced to use foreign hemp. We are continuing to do everything we can, however, to ensure that our cigarettes soon contain Swiss plants only.

From what weโ€™ve heard the quantity required was not the most problematic part but rather the high price of CBD in Switzerland.

As said before, first and foremost, this is a lifestyle product. If you take CBD for medical reasons this product is not the right fit for you. Personally, I think this product is a great marketing tool for Heimat, itโ€™s another way to make cannabis and hemp more acceptable within our society, and itโ€™s just another small step towards full legalization and normalization. Will I buy another pack? Certainly not

Product Review: Swiss CBD Cigarettes

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