There are 3 big dating apps commonly used by marijuana enthusiasts. 420 Singles, My420Mate and High There! are some of the choices out there for those of us interested in staying within our clique when it comes to dating. These apps are more geared to the stoner crowd than and others. So, if your highs as of late have been more like downs because your pining with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, take a read at this users experience on the 420 Singles dating app and then maybe go check it out for yourself.

The username I selected for 420 Singles was “hotpotgoddess,” and they gave me “hotpotgoddes47,” which, wow, did you guys know there are 46 other hot pot goddesses out there? 420Singles is available both on your desktop and as a phone app. I ran into some bugs while trying to navigate their site, such as the issue with the contact form loading. I also had difficulty signing in on the mobile version after spending time with the desktop version. Am I bad at navigating technology or were the 420 Singles people super baked when they coded this bad boy? Let’s go with both.

Pros: While dating sites such as ask questions such as “What is your education level?” and “What is your religion?” filling out your profile on 420 Singles is so much more interesting. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast looking to have some goofs, I strongly advise creating a profile with 420 Singles simply for the “Fun Stuff” section. This includes answering questions such as your beliefs on ghosts, souls, UFOs, musical taste, video game experience, and obviously, strain and method of intake of choice. You can also use such filters to search for potential mates. Hoping to find my Mulder, I searched for a Pisces (I love Pisces) stoner in my area who also believed in UFOs, but unfortunately, no one showed up. If everyone who reads this joined 420 Singles, perhaps enough users would be available so that I could all bone down and fall in love with my ideal partner who not only also loves edibles but totally is in agreement with Tom DeLonge that aliens exist.

Why be sad on Valentine’s Day this year when you could have a fun experience with a fellow toker that may be looking for you as well? Have you ever tried out a dating app for stoners before? We would love to hear your feedback.