‘Spooktacular’ Cannabis Cup Coming In October

The High Times Cannabis Cup will be coming back to Sacramento’s Cal Expo towards the end of this upcoming October according to a recent tweet from the world famous cannabis culture magazine. The event which is being touted as a “spooktacular” Halloween celebration, is scheduled for the weekend October 27th through the 28th. It will feature weed sales and allow for use while at the event along with music for cannabis enthusiasts that are 21 and older.

When the Cannabis Cup was in town back in May of this year, the Sacramento City Council had approved a controversial motion to allow for the sale and consumption of cannabis at the festival by a somewhat surprising 6-2 vote. The event ended up making history by being California’s first festival, post legalization, where weed was officially “ok” to be sold to the public and allowed it to be used by attendees without any of the usual legal entanglements that typically follow public consumption of cannabis. As you can imagine, this ruling sweetened the pot for many folks that may have been considering whether to attend the event or not.

‘Spooktacular’ Cannabis Cup trending marijuana news, marijuana legalization, california marijuanaDespite some concerns by the city that they may not be able to accommodate the show and and it’s many expected attendees as well as a few initial setbacks regarding permits and bureaucratic red tape, a one time permit was issued for the festival allowing it to proceed as planned. We’re positive that the expected $200,000+ in tax revenue from the festival may have had a little something to do with allowing the show to go on though. The May festival featured several marijuana friendly artists including Lauryn Hill, Lil Wayne, and Cypress Hill among many other fan favorites, and while the October festival’s lineup has not been announced as of yet, we are certain that it will also include a number of weed friendly musical acts that have become a staple of these events.

One of the City’s councilmen that was one of the two “no” votes was quoted as saying the following prior to the May event: “I don’t think we’re ready for this type of event in Sacramento. We’ve never had a conversation about adult use in public.” despite recreational marijuana being legalized in the state back on January 1st 2018. While security was pretty tight and alcohol sales were not permitted at the festival, more than 10,000 cannabis enthusiasts ended up attending. The Chief Revenue Officer for High Times, Matt Stang, told The Sacramento Bee during an interview back in May that they considered the event to be a great success stating: “We started as the voice of the opposition, and now we’ve grown into the majority.” The tickets for October’s Cannabis Cup California are now on sale on the High Times and Cannabis Cup websites.

Have you ever been to any of High Time’s Cannabis Cup festivals before? Would you be more inclined to attend one of them knowing that marijuana could potentially be sold and allowed to be consumed at the event?

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