Always have a little trouble rolling a good joint or just want to perfect your craft? Come check out this easy step by step guide on how to roll yourself a great joint! We’ll guide you through the key points of the process, from grinding your cannabis properly to tucking and sealing the joints so that you really can’t go wrong. While it might take you a few tries to get it right, as with anything else in life, practice makes perfect and with enough attempts you’ll be rolling up like Willie and Snoop Dogg in no time at all!

Go grab your papers of choice along with your favorite bud and make sure you follow the link below for the full instructions on rolling that perfect joint for your next session!

Step 1: Break It Down
A Guide For Rolling A Proper Joint
The first step to learning how to roll a joint is breaking it down. Get your weed into a consistency that can be easily smoked. Sure, you can just poke a hole in a sticky nug and smoke it whole without a pipe or papers. However, you’ll be stressing your lungs just to get enough smoke to get high. Pipes, papers and grinders were made for a reason. They make smoking weed easier and more effective. Just break it down into an even consistency before you try to roll it up. A grinder provides a consistent structure and smoke. You can break down by hand when you’re in a pinch. When you break down by hand the joint tends to come out lumpier with a higher chance of canoeing.

Step 2: Prepare The Filter (optional)
A Guide For Rolling A Proper Joint
Rip a piece of filter paper and fold one end into a W for weed. Then, roll the remaining filter paper tightly around the W. You can get creative and make it whatever shape you want, as long as there are no wide gaps in it. The filter acts as a guard preventing any loose weed from flying into your mouth. It also makes it easier to smoke the joint to the end without having resin close the mouthpiece or burning your fingers. However, filters also add a stronger paper taste which becomes more prevalent as the lit end gets closer to the filter. You can decide whether or not you want a filter in your joint depending on your preferences.

How To Roll A Joint: A Step-by-Step Guide · High Times