When discussing the active compounds found in cannabis, one mainly thinks of CBD and THC. CBD is the lesser known non-psychoactive compound that has myriad different medical applications, with more being discovered each day. While THC is the cannabinoid we’re most familiar with as being the one that gets you high. However, marijuana also contains over a hundred different cannabinoids asides from those two that can possibly help us in many different ways. For example, there is the compound THCV which is known for suppressing appetite and could be used in dieting regiments. The plant also contains CBN, which could potentially be helpful for those suffering from insomnia and other sleep disorders. However, more research is necessary to see the full extent of what these cannabinoids have to offer.

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Delta-8-THC: For a Kinder, Gentler Way to Get Baked

Primer On Cannabinoids Other Than THC & CBD When we think about THC, we’re usually thinking about a specific form, or isomer, of the molecule. The one we smoke or vape is delta-9-THC. Delta-8-THC, however, promises a similar, yet nuanced, experience compared to its delta-9 isomer.

Oregon-based Oregrown makes a Pax vaporizer pod filled with delta-8-THC. The company’s director of extractions, Jake Jones, told MERRY JANE that one of delta-8’s benefits is that users experience its effects instantly, whereas fully feeling a delta-9 dab may take five to ten minutes.

“It really feels medicinal,” Jones said about delta-8. “It’s hard to explain, but it doesn’t give you as strong of a high. It gives you more of a calming, relaxing sensation in the body.”

Joseph Nielsen, Oregrown’s head extraction engineer, described delta-8’s effect as “a solid punch.” “I feel it right in the forehead, behind the eyes,” he said. “But delta-8 is really smooth, and it tastes sweeter [than delta-9].”


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