Comedian, Saturday Night Live cast member, and self proclaimed pothead, Pete Davidson, apparently proposed to his fiancée, 25 year old pop singer Ariana Grande, in a way that many marijuana enthusiasts could relate to. The 24 year old comic performed for a local charity at  A.V. Zogg Middle School in Liverpool, New York on Saturday, July 21st. According to attendees, he hosted a Q & A session and told the story of how he allegedly proposed to Grande back in June after just a few weeks of dating while they were both in bed and he was smoking weed.

After the session, a person in attendance identified as “Carly” went on Twitter and shared the comedian’s anecdote about his recent proposal to Grande stating: “I just went to see Pete Davidson do stand up and he said he proposed to Ariana while he was smoking weed in bed…he actually never mentioned her in his routine” but “did a Q and A session at the end and my friend asked him how he proposed.”

Pete Davidson, Ariana Grande, marijuana legalization, Crohn's disease, trending marijuana newsThis revelation may come as a bit of a surprise to many fans as Davidson, who had become very well known in the industry for his jokes about using marijuana and being a stoner, had publicly announced last year that he had stopped taking drugs. “I quit drugs and am happy and sober for the first time in 8 years. It wasn’t easy, but I got a great girl, great friends and I consider myself a lucky man. I’ll always be here for you guys, I promise. Remember to never give up hope because sometimes that’s all we got. We are a family and I appreciate all your love and support. It’s nice to be back in action,” he told a crowd of fans recently.

His love of weed hasn’t been entirely recreational as Davidson was diagnosed in his late teens with Crohn’s disease, a chronic condition that causes inflammation and irritation in the digestive tract causing symptoms like diarrhea, cramping, abdominal pain, and weight loss. In an interview from last September Davidson told High Times: “Weed would be the only thing that would help me eat.” Davidson also added, “I wouldn’t be able to do SNL if I didn’t smoke weed. I wouldn’t be able to do anything, really.” However he did not elaborate on what type of treatment or medication he was using to treat his Crohn’s disease after he stopped using weed.

Although Davidson hasn’t spoken publicly about seeking sobriety, he did talk about going to rehab as a Christmas present for his mom during a recent stand up special on Comedy Central where he joked: “I tried going to rehab because I wanted to smoke weed less,” he joked. “Like, I didn’t even want to quit. Don’t tell anyone that in rehab, by the way.”

Would you ever consider proposing to your significant other while smoking weed in bed with them? Do you think it is a good thing that Davidson has started using cannabis again so soon after having attended rehab?