While marijuana doesn’t have the potential to come close to being as addictive as other psychoactive substances such as alcohol, nicotine, or even caffeine, if you are a daily weed smoker or use other types of marijuana products on a regular basis you’ll still want to make sure that you aren’t consuming too much or irresponsibly.

Even though cannabis does not create an actual physical dependence like opioids do, it can potentially lead to the need for increased dosage and frequency to meet the same levels of satisfaction, which are both hallmarks of an addiction. This is more likely to occur with folks who are already vulnerable to addictive behaviors, suffer from anxiety disorders, and those who are combining alcohol and other drugs along with their weed.

Researchers have dubbed this type of addiction to marijuana as “Cannabis Use Disorder” or CUD. Similar to what happens when someone ceases taking an addictive substance, there are some potential side effects that can result from not consuming cannabis after heavy use for an extended period of time. Marijuana withdrawal symptoms can often include irritability, increased anxiety, depression, and insomnia among others. While not life threatening, these symptoms can still make your life a living hell while you detox.

Are You Smoking Too Much Weed?So, how can you tell if you really are using too much weed? There are a few signs and symptoms that enthusiasts should keep an eye out for to let them know that they should probably cut back on their marijuana use sooner than later. Somewhat similar to alcohol withdrawal, heavy cannabis users can often experience the “shakes.” These are usually slight tremors across the body that typically manifest after not consuming marijuana for longer than usual.

As with most addiction situations, users under the thrall of CUD are more likely to use more and more marijuana in greater frequencies due to their increased tolerance. This becomes a slippery slope as it can potentially interfere with someone’s everyday life in a significant way if the person is usually stoned 24/7. Most users would find it difficult, if not impossible, to function properly in the academic and/or business worlds if they were constantly under pot’s heavy influence.

Heavy cannabis users can also suffer from exacerbated anxiety. Large doses of THC from regular use or even from one session can sometimes trigger a sense of uneasiness and paranoia in an individual. This is particularly important for enthusiasts that are already dealing with anxiety issues and are using cannabis as a form of treatment for their condition.

Are You Smoking Too Much Weed?

Lastly, people that use too much weed could potentially suffer from a psychotic break. In these situations, the individual experiences an unwanted disconnect with reality which can lead to all sorts of other troubles. However, it is uncertain at this time if it is the marijuana that causes the psychosis or if it merely triggers an already existing condition. In any case, this is something that all enthusiasts will want to avoid.

Hopefully this information will help you determine whether or not your are consuming cannabis responsibly. If you find that you are not, please make sure that you quickly seek assistance from a trained professional.