Medical Marijuana For Your Pets

Cannabis has long history of being considered cure-all for a large number of human ailments. From pain relief, restoring appetite, to treating insomnia, cannabis has helped an innumerable amount of people throughout the ages. With the spread of legalized medical marijuana across the country, this has left some folks asking themselves: “If cannabis can help humans, can it also be used to help other animals like our pets?” The answer apparently is “Yes.”

Medical Marijuana For Your PetsAlthough cannabis itself can be toxic to most animals, some experts have found in their research that its cannbinoids, like CBD, can also be used to successfully treat our pets. CBD on its own has been shown to be an effective treatment of a slew of medical conditions and it appears that these benefits also carry over to our furry friends. While the FDA has not yet approved medical cannabis for our pets, recent studies have shown a growing number of pet owners they are using CBD to treat their petsโ€™ epilepsy/seizure disorders, cancer, arthritis and behavioral issues like anxiety in the same way it can help humans with similar troubles.

Giving pets CBD infused products occasionally as a health supplement can help ease pain due to arthritis, seizures or even hip dysplasia for larger animals. The CBD can also be used as a sedative for our more excitable buddies during long trips or rides to the dreaded vet. Since CBD is a natural and non-psychoactive substance many cannabis legalization proponents view using it as an excellent alternative to other medications that can come with significant side effects and because pet owners don’t have to worry about precise dosages.

Medical Marijuana For Your PetsIn a growing industry like the cannabis business, it comes as no surprise that there will be niches that open up all over like animal lovers who are turning to CBD for pets. From special treats, capsules, and oils, more and more cannabis products are now specially tailored for consumption by our pets. Considering the fact that close to half of households have at least one pet, we definitely expect that the market for these types of products to continue to expand significantly in the coming years.

However it is still important to note that due to the limited amount of research that has been performed so far, the American Veterinary Medicine Association is currently unable to recommend CBD as a form of treatment for any of your pet’s conditions. We are hopeful that with continued support for legalization that additional research will take place which will continue to validate CBD and related cannabis products as being viable forms of treatment for pets. If you do live in a state were marijuana is legal and decide that you want to try and use CBD for your own pet’s health needs please be sure to do your homework, research the matter as much as possible, and go to your local veterinarian or animal hospital immediately if you suspect that something may be wrong after your pet begins their treatment.

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