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Spotlight on Sarasota, FL Marijuana Dispensaries

TNMNews Local Feature: Breaking Down the Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Sarasota for Deals, Savings and Marijuana Selection.

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Is The Climate Right In Your Marijuana Grow?

Proper humidity and temperature levels are two of the most common mistakes made in a marijuana grow room.

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Learn Weed: Key Marijuana Terms to Know | Volume 4

If you know 7 out of 10 of these weed terms, consider yourself a master. Most people don't know any cannabis terminology. Test your skill below.

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Learn Weed: Key Marijuana Terms to Know | Volume 3

All budtenders know that knowledge is king. Especially in the weed game... it's important to know what everyone is talking about.

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Learn Weed: Key Marijuana Terms to Know | Volume 2

If you've ever asked yourself what all those fancy cannabis words mean, you're in the right place. How many of these cannabis terms do you know?

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Learn Weed: Key Marijuana Terms to Know | Volume 1

Knowing what all the words mean is crucial to really understanding the plant. This is Part 1 of our series on Cannabis Vocabulary.

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Cannabis Tinctures: Learn the Basics Then Make Your Own.

THC Tinctures and CBD Tinctures don't get a ton of attention, but they should because they work! Understand the basics, then follow a recipe to make your own tincture.

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Get Crafty! Learn to Make a Bong 🎓

Tokers are very creative. What else is sativa for? So, it makes sense that there are several different options when it comes to smoking weed.

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How to Save Your Broken Vape Cartridge.

Broke a cart? Watch us demonstrate how to get that delicious nectar out of your vape!

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The Art of Rolling a Joint

I've been rolling marijuana joints for decades and can now spin up perfect looking joints. Read on and get all my secret tips on how to roll the perfect weed joint.

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Is Vaping Weed Dead? Should it Be?

Remember the Vaping Crisis that was causing people to die before COVID-19? The Great Reset showcased that people need their weed vape during the pandemic.

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Are Water Pipes for Weed Taking the World by Storm?

You should smoke weed out of a bong or a bubbler if you don't already. Read all about the benefits of smoking pot with some water filtration.