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UFC Changes Course on Marijuana

As of Jan. 1, under the new rules, fighters will no longer be punished if they test positive for THC.

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Many publicly traded companies are turning to psilocybin for the nex wave in legalized psychedelics.

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How to Make Bubble Hash in 5 Easy Steps

Making hash has become a lost art these days because of other popular extracts like oils and budders and badders and shatters.

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How Much Does Weed Cost?

Knowing how much pot costs around the country will give you an idea if you are getting the best price in your neighborhood.

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Is Prohibition Officially Over?

With five more states legalizing marijuana in 2020, the future looks bright for federal legalization.

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MUV Dispensaries of SRQ

In our quest to give you the best information, here's another review of a Sarasota dispensary.

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A Nick, Dime, Dub and A Key, What Are They?

You have to know what to ask for if you are buying either small amounts or large amounts of weed on the street.

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Do You Have a Discrete Weed One Hitter?

Finding the right marijuana one hitter is important and can be easier than you think.

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How to Get High Faster ⏭

When time is short and you need to catch a cannabis buzz quickly, there are several options.

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A Simple Guide to Find Your Perfect Weed Pipe

Ask yourself these 5 questions to help narrow your search for the perfect glass pipe to enjoy your top-shelf cannabis.