Moon Rocks are essentially a triple weed whammy that combines the powers of premium quality marijuana buds, hash oil, and kief. This potent combo can provide cannabis enthusiasts that are brave enough to try them with what should be an unforgettable psychedelic experience! However, due to their inherent potency, we do not recommended consuming them in large doses as the Moon Rocks can potentially overwhelm even the most experienced of marijuana aficionados.

Moon Rocks, hash oil, kief, potent cannabis, weed news, when will marijuana be legal everywhere Moon Rocks were allegedly made popular by 90’s Death Row Records rap artists Kurupt and are composed of three different layers of cannabis and cannabis products that when combined, create a whole that is greater than the sum its parts when it comes to getting blitzed. Between the nugs, kief, and cannabis oil, you’re looking at almost a fifty percent higher THC content than you could ever find in a single strain!

While you can buy different versions of Moon Rocks at your local dispensary, you can also make your own at home from your preferred strains with a little preparation and know how. Considering how potent they can be, it may be a good idea for those trying them for the first time to make their own so that they will be able to control just how strong they will end up being. If you are feeling up to it, all you will need to make your own Moon Rocks is:

Whole buds of your favorite weed strain (preferably compact)
Hash oil or honey
Trichomes of your favorite marijuana flowers (aka kief)
Dropper and tweezers

You can extract hash oil from cannabis yourself or purchase it from a dispensary but you’ll want to make sure that what you end up using is sticky enough to hold the kief in place but not too thick. Next, to prepare your kief, you can grind the dried out trichomes of your favorite weed plants. Once your kief is ready, take your chosen buds and cover them with hash oil by using a dropper and then proceed to roll the buds in the kief by using your tweezers. Lastly, let the soon to be Moon Rocks buds dry thoroughly.

Meet The Mighty Moon Rocks Once the Moon Rocks are dried and ready for smoking, you’ll want to cut them with a sharp blade and for the best experience, smoke them using a pipe, bowl or bong. Also, whatever you do, do not break the buds up by using a grinder as you will lose all of your precious kief and the Moon Rock may end up getting stuck in there to the point where you can’t use it due to the hash oil or honey.

We definitely want to reiterate that Moon Rocks are definitely NOT for beginners, but veteran cannabis enthusiasts should be fine as long as they take the proper precautions and don’t overdo it dosage wise. Have you ever tried smoking or making Moon Rocks before? Would you still want to try them knowing full well how strong they can be even for veterans?