Martha Stewart, the  genius behind the “Martha Stewart Living” mega-brand made an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show earlier this week where she shared an interesting anecdote about having dabbled with cannabis edibles. Stewart, who had recently gone on a trip to fellow entrepreneur, cannabis enthusiast, and highly unlikely partner in crime Snoop Dogg’s Los Angeles home, went on to describe her trip to the show’s host which eventually led Williams to ask if Stewart had indulged in some greenery while there asking if she “puffs or passes.” Stewart confirmed that she did not partake in smoking cannabis telling Williams that “I pass…I just try to breathe. I just breathe.”

Martha Stewart Talks Edibles With Wendy Williams, martha stewart weed, martha stewart cannabis, martha stewart pot, martha stewart marijuanaHowever, when Williams pointed out the fact that edibles aren’t smoky the co-host of Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party candidly admitted that she wasn’t eating edibles…that particular weekend. Stewart confessed that she had tried “an” edible on a previous occasion. “An edible!” she exclaimed, suddenly showing some excitement. “What’s an edible? It’s like a little gummy bear or something.” Those gummies can pack a mean punch, though. But I guess they haven’t. “They’re fine,” concluded Stewart in a rather serene tone that almost seemed calculated just to show how chill a body high from edibles can be. Although it appears that the edible Stewart had didn’t leave much of an impression on her, she could have possibly been downplaying the overall effects due to the show’s more mainstream daytime audience. Honestly, we would find it very hard to believe that the co-host of a cannabis cooking show (with Snoop Dogg involved, no less) had never actually tried marijuana infused edibles before.

Also as part of the interview, she related a humorous story to Williams about a “friend” of hers that was seemingly trying to steal a pepper mill from her home (who seriously does something like that?). Stewart apparently caught the culprit red-handed but then eventually forgave them for their failed purloining attempt. “It was an error of judgment,” Stewart said after she revealed to Williams and the audience that she has stayed friends with the would be thief despite what happened. All we know is, that must have been quite a pepper mill to risk stealing from Martha Stewart as well as a hell of an awkward moment when they got caught in the act!

Another of the interview’s highlights occurred when Stewart looked directly into one of the show’s cameras and petitioned her daughter over national television to let her take her granddaughter to the upcoming premiere of “Mary Poppins Returns,” much to the delight of Williams and the audience. If you have a some free time available, do yourself a favor and catch The Wendy Williams Show interview with Stewart in the video below for a few good laughs (it’s even better if you have the opportunity to indulge in a little cannabis beforehand).

Are you surprised about Martha Stewart’s rather nonchalant reaction to having tried cannabis edibles? Have you watched Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party before? Does Martha help normalize or stigmatize cannabis consumption?